WIKY Wants You To Know - Home Improvement

WIKY, Corresell Landscaping, Superior Services Deck & Fence, and Reinbrecht Homes WANT YOU TO KNOW the best ways to improve your home this spring.  




It’s the arrival of spring! And with it comes your desire for lawncare and landscape design. That’s where Corressel Landscaping comes in! For over 15 years they’ve cultivated a reputation for being the best most knowledgeable landscape designers in the Evansville-Newburgh area. From small projects to large…residential or commercial…give Corressell Landscaping a call today for a competitive quote! Also call Corressell for mulch sales and delivery this spring! Call 812-853-6868 or online at corressell-landscaping.com. Corressell Landscaping is quality from start to finish!

We will provide you the landscape you dream of, everything from removal of existing shrubs, design and installation of your new landscape. We also install paver patios and retaining walls.

Corressell's residential customers also benefit from our full-service approach. Residential landscapes come alive with our attention to detail, enhancing the beauty and value of your home.

Corressell Landscape works with a wide variety of commercial clients to serve their landscaping needs. Full installs to basic maintenance, we keep your commercial property in tip-top shape.

Once you have your beautiful landscape, let us take the necessary steps to keep it that way. We will prune shrubs, remove weeds, and replenish mulch to ensure your outdoor area has a long functional life. Even a low maintenance design will need 1-2 trimmings per growing season.



Power Washing and Staining Fence and Decks. Click this link for our detailed FENCE AND DECK MAINTENANCE GUIDE.  It's the most complete guide we know of because we wrote it! 

Keep in mind that each Deck or Fence is different, and requires a different level of maintenance. Not all steps listed here will be required on your project. When we see your project we will determine what it requires and give you a quote for your specific maintenance needs.

About Wood: 


The best way to prolong the life of wood, is to limit the above causes of wood failures. A 6' Wood privacy Fence that has been maintained and protected will never have that warped/cracked/bent/broke look, that a neglected Fence or Deck has. No matter the age. Everyone has noticed the neighborhood Fence that has never been taken care of, and is in a material condition of bad disrepair. Your Pressure Treated Wood Fence can normally be sealed from 2 weeks to 30 days from building it. Basically as soon as it dries out. Coastal Cypress and Western Red Cedar can be sealed upon completion of the Fence being built. Never go more than a few weeks prior to sealing your new fence. Especially not in hot weather. A well maintained Pressure Treated Wood Fence should last for approximately 25 years or more. If your current wooden Fence or Deck is not in the best of condition, and you need to turn it around, we can do the job. Just give us a call at 812-604-3651.          

Wood doesn't last as long as it used to. Today's wood comes from younger growth stock than it did just 50 years ago. Environmental and Commercial pressures have driven the market to use younger/newer growth stock. Older growth wood has a higher natural built-in resistance to the climatic elements and wood damaging insects, this is generally called tannin resin. Younger growth has lower amounts of this natural protectant. Therefore to get as much life out of your 6' Wood Fence as possible, over time - it must have additional protection. Today's Lumber industry is more environmentally friendly, or "Greener" than ever before. Every major wooded area being timbered in the United States is now required by federal law to be replanted. However it is imperative for each individual to do their part to take care of our natural resources.  

We have double water tanks mounted on one of our trailers and can Pressure Wash and Stain your Fence, or other wooden structure, no matter how far it is located from a water source.



Kenny Reinbrecht of Reinbrecht Homes & Construction, has been building custom homes since 1995. With his son, Matt Reinbrecht by his side, they have grown and now offer a variety of services to home owners.

New Home Construction – Quality and reputation is what Reinbrecht is all about. Let us make your dream home a reality. From finalizing floor plans, to keeping you informed of progress, suggesting changes to ensure quality. Reinbrecht takes pride in customer service and quality construction!

Residential Remodeling – No job too BIG or small, all types of remodeling we can do; from roofs, siding, room additions, painting, garages, etc. Your home needs it, we can do it!

Commercial Remodeling/Construction – We can build your business from the ground up, or remodel an existing building. Whether it be apartment units, small home office, to strip malls, Reinbrecht Homes can help you with all your commercial needs.

Roofing – Reinbrecht can take care of the roof of your home; whether it needs to be completely replaced or repaired, we can help with both residential and commercial roofing needs!

Custom Homes – Let Reinbrecht Homes help you build the home of your dreams within your budget. Call us today to get started.

Flooring – Reinbrecht Homes sells name-brand hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, and carpet. View the selections in our showrooms today.

In addition to our custom homes and remodeling, we providing residential roofing services in and near Evansville, IN.

At Reinbrecht Homes, we know that not all square footage should be created equally. Nobody has the same taste, and you should be able to have the home of your dreams. Unlike other custom home builders, we promise custom home builds, and not designs that are used for other homes. Our quality of work speaks for itself.