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Indiana University freshman dies after fall

An Indiana University freshman found unconcious yesterday has died.  The Zionsville woman was found semi-conscious at the bottom of a house's basement stairs early yesterday morning, but emergency responders were not called until several hours later.  Campus police interviewed residents of the house, the student's roommate, and others at the house.  Alcohol was at the house, but it is not known if the woman was drinking.  This fatality is bringing attention to Indiana Lifeline Laws, which protect underage people from alcohol-related charges if they call authorities

Hoosier income lags beyond other states

A new Ball State study finds that many Hoosiers earn personal incomes that are decades behind their working counterparts in the rest of the country. Researchers looked at 2010 Indiana wages and, adjusted for inflation, assigned each county the year in which its standard of living was equal to that of the nation as a whole. Statewide, the study found, the average per capita income is at the 1996 national level.

No raises in the proposed EVSC budget for 2014

The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation is proposing a budget for 2014 without having to use revenues from the previous school year. The EVSC’s $227 million budget was presented to the School Board Monday night. A final vote is set for late September. Nearly all the $153 million general fund will be used to pay salaries and benefits. The proposed budget does not include raises for employees in 2014. There were no raises last year either. Superintendent David Smith says an increase of about $3.5 million in health care costs prevented raises this year.

GED changes are on the way

The Adult Learning Center in Henderson encourages students to finish their GED test before the end of the year to avoid losing all of their scores. Starting January 2nd, the new GED standards go into effect, and the price jumps from $60 to $120. In addition to changes in subject material, the entire test will be computerized. Students will have to use whiteboards and computer calculators instead of scratch paper and hand-held calculators. Henderson's Center currently offers tests on the first Thursday and Friday of each month.

T-S-A adds Pre-Check program to Indy airport

Indianapolis International Airport is one of two airports in the U-S which will be an enrollment site for an expanded version of the T-S-A Pre-Check program. T-S-A Administrator John Pistole announced Friday that this expansion will allow air travelers, including those who aren‘t frequent fliers, to be able to get through security screenings more quickly. Travelers will be able to go online, submit an application and then go to an enrollment site to provide fingerprints. The process, which includes a background check, should last two to three weeks.

Evansville recycling program a hit with residents

446 tons. That's the amount of recyclable material collected in June, the first full month of the city's new collection program. In February, less than half of that amount was collected. The new program in Evansville gives each household a 96-gallon cart for trash and a separate 96-gallon cart for recycling. Tri-State Resource Recovery receives the recyclable materials, and its general manager praises the program. Brian Whitesell says not only has the participation rate shot up from 39% to 62%, but the increase in recycling has allowed TRRC to add 12 full-time positions.

Big vehicles and their heroes on display

Police cars, fire trucks, and military vehicles are just a few attractions on display this morning at "Trucks and Heroes," hosted by S.M.I.L.E. on Down Syndrome. The event gives members of the community a chance to get up-close with big trucks and working vehicles and the heroes who drive them. People can view the attraction for free at Deaconess Gateway Hospital from 9 to noon, with the first hour siren-and-lights-free. S.M.I.L.E. will collect nonperishable food items to distribute to local food pantries.

Latest jobs report shows job creation, as well as negative signs

Almost 200,000 jobs were created, and unemployment held steady according to the latest jobs report from the federal government. But an economist at Ball State says there were also plenty of signs that the labor market is not headed in the right direction. While the national unemployment rate remained 7.6 percent in June as it was the previous month, Mike Hicks of Ball State‘s Center for Business and Economic Research says all of the job growth was in part-time employment.

IN school voucher program expands Monday

In just two days, Indiana's school voucher program will offer more educational options for Hoosier families. The Indiana School Voucher Improvement Bill expands a tax credit program, allows students in schools rated "F" to participate, and includes students with special needs in the voucher program. So far, more than 450 schools have committed to participating in the program for the 2013-2014 school year.

Rail line costs and impact

A report released Friday by a Maryland consulting firm estimates a rail line from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio could create more than 26,000 full-time jobs and generate $700-million of additional household income each year across the 11-city corridor. Former Govenor Mitch Daniels requested the study to estimate the system‘s cost and potential economic impact. The estimated cost is $1.6 billion and includes stops in Fort Wayne and Warsaw. If this study and further follow up studies are accepted, construction could begin in 2016 or 2017.

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