Dennis Jon Bailey

I was born at Fort Knox and grew up in the Army all over the world.  I've been on the radio virtually every day of my adult life at stations and networks across the United States. I’ve never really had a hometown. That is, until I moved to Evansville.  You see, my parents and most of my siblings and their families live around Kentucky Lake.  I have a sister with a large family in Owensboro.  My grandmother and an assortment of aunts and uncles were from Vincennes. And my great grandfather is buried outside Cairo.  So it turns out even though I’ve never lived here, I’m sort of from around here.  My wife Lora is a fifth grade teacher at St John in Newburgh.  We've been been married over 25 years and have three kids – our son is a film maker in Savannah, Georgia and our two daughters attend Castle High School.  We love Evansville!


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