Dave Lyons

I've worked for South Central Media since 1985, and have always found the team effort that's involved in news reporting and anchoring to be an exciting, interesting and rewarding experience. It is never boring, and that's something few folks in other lines of work have ever been able to honestly tell me. We've all won a number of awards over the years, which is great. But I really enjoy the opportunity to talk with so many people from all walks of life, and hear what they have to say. I think I have a real drive to get it right, and to make every word count. I play golf and volunteer in my spare time, and consider it an honor to help out with Youth Resources, Albion Fellows Bacon Center, Suicide Prevention Coalition, Evansville Police Department Crisis Intervention Training, Attebury Foundation, and others. My wife and best friend of 23 years, Sandy passed away in 2006. My dog "Emma" and cats "Cubs" and "Win" make home a place where I love to spend time.


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