Downtown favored for major expansion of medical education in region

The Evansville campus of the IU School of Medicine and partner organizations release a study favoring Downtown Evansville as the site for an academic health science education and research facility. Mayor Lloyd Winnecke says it has tremendous potential. He says it would do more for the region than the Ford Center or new Downtown Hotel. He promised support from the city in finding a suitable location for a $35-million 100,000 square foot central campus building in the Downown. Tripp Umbach delivered a study saying it could create thousands of medical jobs over the next 25 years. Academic leaders from USI, UE, Ivy Tech are involved in a study to define what learning partnerships and potential new programs would benefit the region. A goal is to expand the two-year medical program to a four-year program, with pay-offs of better health care and major economic development for the region.