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About the Culture Quiz

Play the Culture Quiz every day at 8:20am with Dennis Jon Bailey and Diane Douglas. This week you can win a pair of tickets to see Celtic Woman at the Old National Events Plaza and a pair of tickets to Hats Off For Holly's House, April 18th!

Monday, April 14th

Recent survey found 30% like doing this but 5% love to do it. What?

Answer: Their taxes!

Winner:  David Montgomery of Evansville, IN

Tuesday, April 15th

Survey of the happiest couples found they do  this 3.2 times a month. What?

Answer: Argue!

Winner: Darla Johann of Evansville!

Wednesday, April 16th

On average, you'll see 11 of these every year. What?

Answer:  Rainbows!

Winner: Kristi Tepe of Oakland City, IN!

Thursday, April 17th

According to recent estimates, there are about 3,000 places selling these in New York City. What?

Answer: Hot Dogs!

Winner: Valerie Likens of Evansville, IN!

Friday, April 18th

32% of women say this food reminds them of their husbands. What?

Answer: Potatoes!

Winner:  Ron Baker of Evansville!