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Monday, Dec. 15th

More than half of parents surveyed say this is harder to do with a boy than with a girl. What?

Answer: Name them!

Winner:  Joy Bates of Evansville, IN!

Tuesday, Dec. 16th

A recent survey revealed that 1-in10 have admitted to buying a Christmas gift here. Where?

Answer:  Gas station!

Winner: Janet Jackson of Evansville, IN!

Wednesday, Dec. 17th

Experts say you can save up to 20% on Christmas gifts if you do this. What?

Answer:  Shop by yourself!

Winner: Tony Snyder of Evansville!

Thursday, Dec. 18th

This will happen about 150,000 times on Christmas morning. What?

Answer: A proposal!

Winner: Kelly Mason of Evansville, IN!

Friday, Dec. 19th

Americans say it's their favorite thing about the holiday season. What?

Answer: Christmas music!

Winner: Linda Wilkinson of Evansville, IN!