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Play the Culture Quiz every day at 8:20am with Dennis Jon Bailey and Diane Douglas. This week you can win a pair of tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World and a $40 gift card for Riecken's Foot Comfort World!

Monday, Sept. 15th

More Americans had this for dinner in the past year than any other food. What?

Answer: Pizza!

Winner:  Kristal Custer of Evanville, IN!

Tuesday, Sept. 16th

In a recent survey, 35% of people admit they do this, even though they know it annoys almost everyone else.  What?

Answer: Talk during a movie at the theatre!

Winner:  Winnie Bartlett of Evansville!

Wednesday, Sept. 17th

According to a recent study, it's the most frequently spoken word in the world. What?

Answer:  OKAY!

Winner: Monica Smith of Evansville, IN!

Thursday, Sept. 18th

It's the most common item children stick up their nose.  What?

Answer: Crayons!

Winner:  Rita Kissel of Evansville, IN!

Friday, Sept. 12th

We all do it occasionally, but only 6% of us do it every day. What?

Answer: Make the bed!

Winner: Vicki Carris of Evansville!