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Play the Culture Quiz every day at 8:20am with Dennis Jon Bailey and Diane Douglas. This week you can win four tickets to the Hadi Shrine Circus at the Ford Center Thanksgiving weekend!

Monday, Nov. 17th

This pastime first started in 1962. What?

Answer: Fantasy Fooball!

Winner:  Ryan Meth of Evansville, IN!

Tuesday, Nov. 18th

A new study by Consumer Reports shows that 60% of millennials (ages 18-29) don't have any. What?

Answer:  Credit cards!

Winner: Ron Baker of Evansville, IN!

Wednesday, Nov. 19th

2% claim to do this household chore every single day. What?

Answer:  Change the sheets!

Winner: Nick Harlan of Evansville!

Thursday, Nov. 20th

For the average person, it happens Nov. 30th. What?

Answer: Receive their first Christmas card!

Winner: Leighanne Costlow of Evansville, IN!

Friday, Nov. 14th

90% of pet owners say they've done this with their pet. What?

Answer: Taken a "selfie"!

Winner: Debbie Jackson of Evansville, IN!