Buehler''s IGA Three Minute Food Dash


104 FM WIKY and the new Buehler’s IGA want to fill your pantry and the pantries of the less fortunate.   Listen to 104 FM WIKY for your chance to qualify for a three minute dash for food through our Easiest Contest Ever.  104 FM WIKY will be at area Buehler’s IGA locations during the grand opening celebration with another chance to enter your name.   A qualifier will be chosen from those entries.  If you are already entered in the "Easiest Contest Ever" you are entered in this contest.  Then on November 10th prior to the dash, one of the five qualifiers will win the three minute dash for food.  Following the dash, Buehler’s IGA will make a monetary donation that equals the amount of food collected to the Salvation Army.  The other four qualifiers will receive a one hundred dollar gift card.   The location of the dash will be the Buhler’s IGA location at 12500 Highway 41 N # 1, Evansville and will happen Thursday November 10th at 9am.  Location, date and time of the event is subject to change. 


The 104 FM WIKY/Buehler’s IGA Dash for Cash Rules

1.  You will have three minutes to collect as many groceries as possible.  All products must be in the cart at the end of three minutes. Non-food items are excluded as is tobacco and alcohol products.

2. Winners may delegate one person to shop in place of winner with prior approval of contest officials.

3. Use as many carts as necessary but only one cart at a time.  Each cart must be returned and replaced at a designated point.  

4. Contest officials and associated individuals will be available around the store with carts.

5.  Items collected are not transferable for cash.

6.  Must be 18 years and older to participate.

7. Shoppers may only chose two of any individual items.

8. Employees of Buehler’s, IGA, South Central Media, other media organizations within the Evansville, Indiana DMA and their immediate family are not eligible to win.

9. It is up to the discretion of contest officials in case of a dispute.  All rulings will be final.