The Winter Morning Show

It wasn't that 3.3 inches of snow, the official total yesterday, was such a big deal, it was more that it was the first snow of the season.  That always throws us into a spin, usually along I-164 somewhere.  But since most schools cancelled classes the night before, it actually went pretty smoothly for most of Monday morning. 

Still, the conditions will continue much as they are currently for the next couple of days because we're not going to get above freezing until maybe Thursday.  That means that whatever thaws by traffic and feeble sunshine today will re-freeze overnight and cause icy spots again tomorrow morning. 

The WIKY Morning Show will be in extra early to help you cope.  we'll have school and business closings and delays updated constantly at  We'll also have traffic watch from Central Dispatch, police reports, and eyewitnesses on the road.  We'll have a handle on what you can expect on your drive into work or school before you even start your car in the morning!

The WIKY Morning Show starts at 5:30 with Evansville in the Morning with John Gibson.  See you then!