WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap Sept. 2nd

**On this morning’s Extortion Breakfast, brought to you by Old National Bank,  we welcomed the Raintree Quilters Guild.  Their big Crazy about Quilting Show is coming to the Vanderburgh County 4-H Fairgrounds September 17 and 18.  Saturday 9-5, Sunday 11-4.  Admission $6, kids under 12 free, and it’s handicap accessible.  Tons of workshops, lectures, exhiditions, and vendors.  If you quilt or ever thought about quilting, this is the show for you!  Details at http://raintreequiltersguild.org or call Betty Cummings at 985-3882. 


 ** Allstate Insurance just released their seventh annual list of U.S. cities based on the safety of their drivers.  And this year's city with the most dangerous drivers is . . . Washington, D.C. 

 Drivers in D.C. are 107.3% more likely than the average driver to get into a collision.  They also average 4.8 years between crashes, the smallest time frame in the country.  D.C. was also the most dangerous city last year. 

 The rest of the bottom ten are:  Baltimore . . . Glendale, California . . . Newark, New Jersey . . . Providence, Rhode Island . . . Philadelphia . . . Hartford, Connecticut . . . Jersey City, New Jersey . . . San Francisco . . . and Alexandria, Virginia.  

 On the other end of things, Fort Collins, Colorado was the safest city in the country, for the second time in the seven years Allstate's been doing the study. 

 Drivers in Fort Collins are 28.6% less likely than the average driver to get in an accident, and they average 14 years between crashes. 

 The rest of the top ten are:  Boise, Idaho . . . Lincoln, Nebraska . . . Chandler, Arizona . . . Huntsville, Alabama . . . Knoxville, Tennessee . . . Springfield, Missouri . . . Reno, Nevada . . . Eugene, Oregon . . . and Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

 Cities in our region that made the list –  Louisville 70, Indianapolis 46, Nashville 30, Chicago 157, and St. Louis 103.  Evansville didn’t make the list!

 Nationwide, the average driver gets into an accident about once every 10 years.   


 ** NOW what are we going to steal?  According to an article in "USA Today", more and more hotels are getting rid of the mini bottles of shampoo . . . and replacing them with refillable pump canisters.  

 The hotels say it reduces waste.  And while some of them are claiming it doesn't reduce cost . . . we all know they wouldn't do it if it wasn't profitable. 

 So far, this is rolling out in some higher-end chains, like Viceroy Hotels and some of the Starwood luxury hotels.  But it could affect the places real people stay too . . . and it could happen sooner rather than later.   

 ** 1st Annual 5K Run/Walk on the Runway at Evansville Regional Airport/Tri-State Aero 
September 3, 2011

On-line registration is closed but on-site registration opens @ 5:30 AM (Tri-State Aero Parking lot) 
Race Starts @ 7:00 AM

This inaugural 5K event will benefit Joshua Academy Charter School in downtown Evansville, Indiana. Joshua Academy strives to provide a high-quality educational experience, which is similar to that of private school, to children who would otherwise not be able to afford such an experience.

Details at http://runway5k.com


**The Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana are launching Operation Thin Mint.  The Girl Scouts will be distributing Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies to area first responders as both a thank you for the work they do for us every day and to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  We’ll have the Girl Scouts in next week live on the WIKY Morning Show to hear more. You can also get more information at their website.



**And in the Culture Quiz, brought to you by Subway – Despite the economy, sales of this have increased 57%, sales of what?  Nail polish!

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