WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap Sept. 27th

** Diane had a weird dream last night that was so vivid, she kept waking up and as soon as she fell back to sleep, she would be right back into the same dream!  Here's what went down.....she dreamed that all of her teeth were falling out and she had to put them all into a hankerchief to take them to her dentist.  This was so disturbing, when she got up this morning, she had to check in the mirror to make sure she did indeed have all of her teeth!  Turns out, this isn't all that uncommon a dream.  WIKY Morning Show listeners chimed in, stating that they have the same dream.  Some theories include stresses in your personal life and subconsciously, Diane has a fear of getting older.  So, what  does this mean??  Dennis knows what to get Diane for Christmas....a Scooter to get around!!

** Diane's friend April asked this question when they were at the Reitz/Castle game last Friday night.  Are there hard and fast rules for how you put the toilet paper in the bathroom dispenser?  April's mom (and pretty much everyone else) said that it definitely has to go over the top!  We posed this question to the WIKY Morning Show, and the response was pretty overwhelming that people prefer their toilet paper sheets to come over the top.  As a matter of fact, there is a website that breaks it down scientifically!  Check it out here:



** On "Dancing With the Stars" last night, Nancy Grace had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.  Now, were not talking a Janet Jackson Super Bowl EPIC wardrobe malfunction, but it was pretty funny anyway!  Tom Bergeron had to fix it for her, and it just proves that Tom Bergeron is one of the best hosts of live television.....he can always add-lib in ANY situation!  Listen to the audio here:



** A controversy is brewing in Wisconsin about a physicians group's use of the famous Cheesehead hats on an anti-cheese billboard!  This is some serious stuff in the nation's #1 cheese-producing state....they tend to take these things seriously when you try to say bad things about a multi-billion dollar industry!  Check out the story here:



** And in the Culture Quiz:  When asked what would be the perfect vacation, 54% of people said this.  What?

Answer:  No Kids!

Winner: Pam Kozan of Mt. Vernon, IN!

Tomorrow we have 3rd row tickets to Jim Brickman's Christmas Concert, coming to the Victory Theatre December 10th