WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap June 29

WIKY Morning Show June 29, 2011

**According to a scientific study, listening to the radio makes people happier than watching TV or surfing the Internet.  So, hey, YOU'RE WELCOME! 

 In the study, people felt a 100% boost in their happiness and a 300% boost in their energy levels when they were listening to the radio versus not consuming any type of media.  TV and the Internet also boosted people's happiness, but only about HALF as much as radio. 

 "Radio plays an important emotional role in people's lives.  People use radio as a lifestyle support system."

 **Signs the economy is up. This is one of the stranger signs of economic recovery we've heard about.  Apparently, the latest indication that things might be getting better is . . . people are SHOPLIFTING again?

 **The National Retail Federation just announced that in 2010, there was $37.1 BILLION in retail theft.  That's up from $33.5 BILLION in 2009.

 Why is that a good thing?  The majority of shoplifting is done by EMPLOYEES, not customers.  When the economy's bad, employees are less likely to shoplift . . . because they're too worried about getting caught and losing their jobs. 

 Now that they feel like there are more jobs out there if they get caught and fired, they're more willing to steal stuff.  So . . . yay?

 WIKY listeners have seen improvement in the economy, too, like increased elective surgeries, construction jobs are up locally, and trucks are everywhere loaded with stuff for us to buy.  Or shoplift.

 **A piece of space debris almost collided with the International Space Station, and the astronauts had to take shelter in Russian space capsules.  Read more here –


The ISS will make a fly over tonight in the Tristate!  DJB and Diane chatted with meteorologist Byron Douglas.  Here’s the link to watch for space stuff flying over your backyard –


 **Clorox Bleach just released the results of a nationwide survey which found that about one out of eight men wear their underwear AT LEAST TWICE before they wash it.  And that's just the number who ADMIT to doing that. (Ewwww....)

 Here are some more of their findings . . . 

 About half of men use the "sniff test" to figure out if their clothes are fresh enough to wear again without washing. (Again, Ewwwww...)

 An average man wears jeans at least four or five times before washing them. (Moving from Ewwww to GROSS!)

 About a quarter of men age 18 to 29 only wash their sheets once a month . . . the majority of women in that age range wash their sheets at least once a week.

 Single women are more than twice as likely as married women to BUY CLOTHES to avoid laundry. 

 More than one-third of single women own more than 20 pairs of underwear. (It's the whole 'buying clothes' thingy).

 Only 29% of married women say their husband helps out equally with the laundry. 

 The survey prompted a number of calls and emails with laundry stories. 

 Here’s one from Janet Winders

 When my oldest son came home the first time from college, he said, "Mom, did you know that if you spray your underwear with deodorant, you can wear it all week!" And I thought he was prepared for the world!