WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap June 22nd

WIKY Morning Show June 22, 2011

** If you have a MARTHA STEWART glass-top patio table, you might want to practice your DUCK AND COVER techniques before your next barbecue.  Because there's a chance it could EXPLODE on you.  That happened on Father's Day to the Passarella family near Denver, Colorado.  They'd just finished eating when the tabletop shattered.  Nancy Passarella says, quote, "It was like, Boom!  It just blew up . . . no reason.  All of the sudden we heard this loud explosion, and the table proceeds to disintegrate."

 This isn't an isolated incident, either.  Apparently, there have been hundreds of complaints about this same table, and there was even a class-action lawsuit years ago.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission asked Martha Stewart Living to redesign the table in 2006.  The Passarellas say they bought theirs at Kmart in 2008 or 2009.  A rep for Martha's company says it's Kmart's responsibility to fix the problem.  They also issued a statement saying, quote, "We do not oversee the mechanical design, engineering or manufacturing of the products."

 We heard from WIKY listeners who experienced similar problems with their glass top patio furniture and not all were purchased at K-Mart (in fact, we heard from a listener who informed us that K-Mart hasn’t sold the tables since 2009).  Finally, we heard from a glass expert who is convinced the problem is a design flaw in the table itself.  The glass, he said, is tempered and is considered a safety glass.  If it shatters, he’s convinced it’s because it didn’t fit the table correctly.

 If you have trouble with exploding patio furniture this summer, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

 ** In a new survey by the website Shutterfly, people actually ranked VACATIONS as the most joyous moments of their lives . . . even more joyous than the birth of their children. 

 Vacations came in first on the list of joyous occasions, followed by the birth of children . . . Christmas . . . your wedding . . . and milestone birthdays. 

 Based on the results and the level of happiness that people reported, Shutterfly also released a list of the top 10 most joyous cities in the U.S.

They are:  New York . . . Baton Rouge, Louisiana . . . New Orleans . . . Miami . . . Lafayette, Indiana . . . Greenwood, Mississippi . . . Lafayette, Louisiana . . . Corpus Christi, Texas . . . Santa Barbara, California . . . and Boston.

We were curious why Lafayette, Indiana made the list.  We’ve been to Lafayette and although it’s a fine place, it didn’t seem particularly joyful to us.  We asked our listeners and many are convinced that it’s because only Purdue students were used in the survey, that it was taken late on a Friday night, and all those PU students are joyful because they know Mom and Dad are picking up the tab back home.  Makes sense to us!

** Earlier in the week as we played Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are,” Diane mentioned that she heard there was a local connection with Bruno.  Turns out she was right! 

 We heard from our friend Gina Moore who explains,

My cousin Philip Lawrence (on the left wearing the hat) and Bruno Mars are writing/performing artist. They will be on “The Today Show” this Friday, June 24th. Philip and Bruno also wrote “Forget You” by Cee-lo Green. Philip’s mom Cheryl Moore Lawrence and I are 1st cousins, our fathers were twin brothers.

The Smeezingtons is the name of a production and writing trio consisting of Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine.[1]

They have produced and written songs for artists and groups such as the Sugababes,[2] Travie McCoy,[3] B.o.B, Brandy Norwood, K'naan, Flo Rida, Chad Hugo,[4] Lil Eddie, Bad Meets Evil and Cee Lo Green among others.

They have produced many smash hits including the #1 hit Nothin' on You[5] by B.o.B, as well as being involved in the writing of the #1 hit Right Round by Flo Rida.[6]

Initially formed following Mars' disillusionment with his first solo deal with Motown, The Smeezingtons have since gone on to provide the springboard for Mars' international-chart-topping solo success as an artist with Elektra Records.[7] Philip Lawrence is a publishing songwriter signed to Jay-Z's label Roc Nation since 2011.



** We welcomed Becca Goldman from Deaconess live in studio and she told us about a free Home Health Care and Caregiver Options event coming up June 28.  There will be two sessions, 9 - noon and 5 - 8 at Deaconess Gateway Hospital Conference Center.  Sessions will include educational lectures, informational booths, and free consults regarding resource options.  Again, this important seminar is free but you need to preregister - www.deaconess.com/events or call 812-450-7000.
** A couple of nuggets from The Dish--
--Turns out Lindsay Lohan was still able to make some money while she was under house arrest! Lindsay was able to make tens of thousands of dollars by shooting an 18-second commercial for an auction website called beezid.com! We should probably note that while the ad is 18 seconds, Lindsay takes a mere 8 seconds to deliver her speech. And, she earned more than $35,000 for it. While under incarceration by the state of California. And there's nothing illegal about it!
-- And, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has released the list of celebrities who'll get stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year. Here's the list:  Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, Adam West, Scarlett Johansson, Vin Diesel, Valerie Bertinelli, Mariska Hargitay, Patricia Heaton, Marg Helgenberger, Walter Koenig, Jennifer Lopez, America, Boyz II Men, Vince Gill and Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart.
Culture Quiz--
Question:  On average, it lasts 22 seconds and nearly everyone in America has one.  What?
Answer:  A voicemail message!
Winner:  Janelle Luckett of Henderson, KY