WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap June 21st

WIKY Morning Show June 21, 2011

** Cars.com recently put together the top 10 most annoying driving habits. 

Here’s the list –

#1.)  Driving and Talking on the Phone.  Obviously, this one's on the list because it's so dangerous.  But for some reason they didn't include TEXTING and driving . . . which is weird because it's even MORE dangerous.  

 #2.)  Driving Too Fast in Bad Weather.  You're supposed to drive UNDER the speed limit . . . but nobody does.  In general, if the speed limit is 65, the MINIMUM speed limit is usually 45.  

 #3.)  Not Cleaning Snow Off Your Car.  The worst is when truckers drive around with snow on their trailers, because it has so far to fall.  And sheets of icy snow can be heavy enough to shatter your windshield.  

 #4.)  Not Using Your Blinker . . . or Leaving Your Blinker on.  Using your blinker takes almost zero effort.  And obviously it's much safer than darting around the road without warning anyone.  Leaving your blinker ON is mostly just annoying.  But it's also dangerous because a car might pull out in front of you if they think you're about to turn.  

 #5.)  Leaving Your High Beams On.  It's dangerous for the other person because they're temporarily blinded.  And it's dangerous for you because that blind person is driving straight at you.   

 #6.)  Not Maintaining Your Car.  If your tires are bald, you're more likely to get a flat and lose control.  And things like bad shocks and wiper blades make driving more dangerous too.  

 #7.)  Taking Two Spaces in a Parking Lot.  If you're that worried about your paint job, just park farther away from the entrance where there aren't any cars.  That way you inconvenience YOURSELF, not someone else.  

 #8.)  Staying in the Far Left Lane.  Just use it to pass people, then move back to the right.  Some people think staying in the left lane is fine as long as they're going the speed limit or faster. Yes, we're talking to you....driving in the left lane.....on the Lloyd! Cut it out!

But it's much more dangerous when you pass people on the right, because they can't see you as easily.  

 #9.)  Not Acknowledging a Mistake . . . or Overreacting When Someone Else Makes a Mistake.  If you screw up, wave and take the blame.  And if someone makes an honest mistake, don't give them an obscene street gesture.    

 #10.)  Not Tying Things Down Well Enough.  Just about anything can be deadly if it falls out and lands on the road.  And things with a lot of surface area . . . like mattresses . . . DEFINITELY need to be tied down well.

In addition to the list, WIKY Morning Show listeners suggested maintaining your lane after making a double-lane left turn and courteously waving when someone lets you in.  Also please stop reading stuff while driving on Hwy 41.  Thank you. 

** We heard from the lady who lost and found her wedding ring thanks to honest WIKY listeners.  Well, make that the second lady we heard from who had lost her ring at Fashion Bug last Friday.  Never located the first ring we heard about but we’re still looking.  Give us a call or drop an email if you have info.

** And a story we found creepy even for showbiz - 51-year-old actor DOUG HUTCHISON got married back on May 20th.  To a 16-YEAR-OLD GIRL.  That's a 35-year age difference.   We doubt you'd recognize Doug by name, but you've seen his face.  He's one of those character actors who are in a bunch of movies and TV shows.  He's probably most famous for playing the jerk prison guard Percy Wetmore in "The Green Mile".  More recently, he was Horace Goodspeed on "Lost" and Davros on "24".  

 Doug's new bride is an aspiring singer by the name of Courtney Alexis Stodden.  They got married in Las Vegas, where the age of consent is 18.  But it's all completely legal because Courtney's parents signed off on it. 

 --Courtney's mom says, quote, "They are very much in love and we are so supportive of this."

Culture Quiz for today:

Question: Among travelers, about 60% say it's the most important consideration when choosing a motel on the road.

Answer: The landscaping!

Winner: Connie Burns of Evansville, IN