WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap--June 20th

WIKY Morning Show June 20, 2011

** Are you the next American Idol?  Auditions for the Season 11 have been announced and you’d better start warming up because St Louis is up first! 

Here they are: 

--St. Louis, Missouri . . . Tuesday, June 28th at Scottrade Center

--Portland, Oregon . . . Saturday, July 2nd at Rose Garden

--San Diego, California . . . Friday, July 8th at Petco Park

--Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . . . Friday, July 15th at Heinz Field

--Charleston, South Carolina . . . Friday, July 22nd at North Charleston Coliseum

--Denver, Colorado . . . Friday, July 29th at INVESCO Field at Mile High

--Houston, Texas . . . Friday, Aug. 26th at Reliant Park

** Over the weekend, we received this email –

Please Help! I lost the ring my husband bought me for our first anniversary 10 years ago.  We weren’t financially capable of buying anything that year so he had put it on lay-a-way and did side jobs to pay the ring off.  I have recently lost weight and had an appointment to get the ring banded to my wedding band to avoid this very problem. 
I went to the only two places I visited on Saturday June 11, 2011 which was Fashion Bug and next door Factory Card Outlet on the eastside of Evansville with no luck. I left my name and number with both places. 
It is a gold band with three diamonds.  The middle diamond is ¼ carat with a 1/8 carat on each side.  It is commonly known as the Past, Present, & Future Ring. 
To make matters worse, I contacted the local paper to place an ad and they posted an incorrect phone number that was unlisted this whole week.  They apologized and offered to run the ad for a few days longer than I initially placed the ad.  It is being posted online, in the paper, and in the Gleaner.  A whole week has past, I have been praying for its return.  I am also aware that if someone has found it and tried to do the right thing to return the ring only to find they left a message on the wrong number and I haven’t called them back yet then they probably feel I really don’t care.  The consensus seems to be if they tried and I didn’t return their call then they will give up. 
I am reaching out to any media outlet that will help me to let the person know that if they had tried to contact the number listed last week, it was the wrong number. 
IF you would, please ask the public to contact your station, leave their name and number then I will contact them with a cash reward for the return of my ring.

So we put it out there and heard from a woman who had found a ring at that very Fashion Bug and turned it in to the desk.  Turns out, it was another woman’s ring!  What are the odds of two women losing valuable jewelry at the same location and at the same time?  We’ll keep you posted.

** Indiana has a new Distracted Driving Law that goes into effect  July 1. 

 Here’s the law - Specifically, the Indiana distracted driving law prohibits drivers from typing a text message, transmitting the message or reading an electronic mail message. Texting via hands-free or voice-operated technology is allowed.  The law calls for primary enforcement, meaning police can stop and cite violators for that reason alone.

The Indiana texting law has an unusual exemption: communications systems installed in a commercial vehicle weighing more than 10,000 pounds. The law also prohibits police from confiscating telecommunications devices.

Rep. Eric Koch, R-Bedford, pictured, was the legislation’s sponsor.  U.S. Transportation secretary Ray LaHood weighed in after the May 11 signing: “Distraction is still a factor in too many serious crashes. But, the bill signed today by Gov. Daniels will help make Indiana roads safer.”  Drivers under 18 also are prohibited from using cell phones while behind the wheel.  The new law essentially expands the ban on teen texting to all drivers.

 Attorney Gail Gerling was our in-studio guest and fielded questions.  WIKY listeners’ were chiefly concerned about whether it was OK to pull over and text.  Gerling says that as long as you’re out of traffic and in park, that should be fine.

** And we are always on the lookout for unusual fair food to pop up across the country during the summer because some of it usually winds up on Franklin Street for the Fall Festival in October.  Remember Deep Fried Coca-Cola from a couple of years ago?  Well, here’s one that has great Fall Festival potential –

 --DEEP FRIED KOOL-AID is hitting the county fair circuit this summer . . . and it's a monster hit.  "Chicken" Charlie is a fried food innovator who sells his fried foods at county fairs around the country.  He created deep-fried Kool-Aid this year . . . and it's quickly becoming his biggest item. 

 --The deep-fried Kool-Aid balls involve flour, water, and cherry Kool-Aid.  Charlie mixes up a batter, rolls them into balls, then deep fries them.  They come out tasting like sweet donut holes. 

Culture Quiz today--

Question: According to a recent survey, 14% of newlyweds say their first fight was over this. What?

Answer:  Laundry!

Winner:  Steve Ary of Evansville, IN