WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap for June 17th

WIKY Morning Show June 17, 2011

** It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and we found some interesting stuff about it - according to a new poll, 80% of people agree that Mother's Day gets more attention than Father's Day.  But the amount of money people are spending on Dads this year has actually gone up.

 Last year the average dad got $94 worth of ties, gadgets, and other stuff he won't use.  This year it's expected to be $106.  But people spent an average of over $140 dollars on their moms this year.    

 #1.)  It Was First Celebrated Over 100 Years Ago.  After Mother's Day in 1909, a woman in Spokane, Washington named Sonora Smart-Dodd . . .  who was raised by a single father . . . decided she wanted to pay tribute to him.  The idea caught on, but it wasn't recognized as an official U.S. holiday until 1972.  

 #2.)  Father's Day Is More Satisfying for Dads Than Mother's Day Is for Moms.  That's according to the University of Massachusetts.  One reason is that moms expect to be relieved of chores like cooking and cleaning and that doesn't always happen.

  #3.)  Father's Day Is the Fourth Largest Greeting Card Holiday in the U.S.  According to Hallmark, about 90 million cards are exchanged on Father's day . . . about $749 million worth. 

** In case you missed it, last Thursday and Friday, Google changed the logo on its homepage to look like a LES PAUL guitar, in honor of Les Paul's birthday.  And you could actually use your mouse to strum the guitar and record songs.  Well, people LOVED it.  And according to a technology consulting company, it cost the world $268 MILLION in lost productivity.

In case you missed it, there’s still plenty of time to waste company money!  Find it here and ENJOY!! 


** On the Extortion Breakfast this morning we welcomed the Easter Seals and their annual Homerun Sweeps.  You can win a new home or $100 grand!  Just $100 per ticket and today if you buy one and mention WIKY your name goes into a drawing for an extra ticket!  Make sure you do it before 5 today and make sure you mention WIKY.  Call 812-437-2627.

** A new survey went country-by-country, and asked tens of thousands of people on their favorite foods.  So we have the top 15 for the U.S.  

 --Our most popular food?  PIZZA.  15.2% of Americans say that pizza is their number one favorite food.  Number two is STEAK, third is CHICKEN, fourth is MEXICAN, and fifth is PASTA.  Numbers six through 15 are:  Italian . . . seafood . . . burgers . . . ice cream . . . sushi . . . chocolate . . . Chinese . . . tacos . . . salad . . . and finally, spaghetti.  

 Worldwide, the top three most popular foods are pasta, meat, and rice.

 The results from other countries are also interesting.  In Mexico, Mexican food is the most popular . . . but who would've guessed Chinese food would be second?  Meat is number one in Russia . . . borscht is fourth . . . sushi is 14th.  Chocolate is the most popular food in Australia.  The most popular food in Brazil is lasagna.  And believe it or not, the most popular food in Pakistan is . . . vegetables! 

Culture Quiz for today:

Question--According to recent stats, this cosmetic surgical procedure is up 60% in recent years. What?

Answer--Liposuction for cankles!!

Congrats to Liz Rudolph of Evansville, IN

** Have a great weekend and we'll be back first thing Monday morning!