WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap July 7th

WIKY Morning Show July 7, 2011

**Amazing but disturbing story out of Georgia this morning – after an exhaustive investigation, an enormous grading conspiracy has been uncovered –

  A special investigation by the Governor's office has uncovered 178 teachers and principals at 44 schools who were changing student answers to improve grades.  Almost half of them have already CONFESSED to doing it.  

 The state became suspicious when they saw that Atlanta students seemed to erase their wrong answers a lot more than students at other schools.  They also tended to improve their scores remarkably on tests that were critical for state funding . . . then the scores dropped shortly after.  

 Teachers at one school held weekend "changing parties" to fix incorrect answers on the tests.  They even wore gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints.  Other schools changed students' seats so that bad students would get easier versions of the test. 

 The school system kept it a secret for close to a decade through fear and intimidation against whistleblowers.  One teacher said the school district was run, quote, "like the mob."

The state hasn't decided what charges to pursue, but falsifying student records is a felony . . . and standardized tests are student records. 

(Journal Constitution)

**Had a lively discussion about how annoying our children are.  Let’s face it, we love our kids, but they can be annoying at least on occasion.  For parents of teenagers, it’s all about cash.  Loan your kid $10 and it’s like you loaned them a grand and it’ll take about as long to get it back.  And no matter how much you give them, change is never returned.  Who knew that a gallon of milk would be going for 20 bucks? 

And it’s not just teens.  Conventional wisdom says it’s the “terrible twos.”  DJB and his wife Lora found with their three kids that they were much worse at three years old simply because at three they’re able to argue with you. 

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**Diane found this story both interesting and pleasantly surprising –

"Redbook" magazine had a focus group of 50 men rate different outfits that women wear, and the results are interesting.  Baggy 'boyfriend jeans' was one of the LEAST popular looks.  But here are the four most desirable ones: 

#1.)  Sweat Pants That Aren't Baggy.  Baggy ones are more comfortable . . . but obviously men don't like them.  But men like the sweat pant look in general because sweats are easy to take off, and it seems like sex could happen at any time. 

#2.)  Dresses.  It doesn't even have to be an expensive dress.  In fact, the men in the "Redbook" poll actually liked simple dresses more than formal ones. 

#3.)  Jeans With a White Tank Top.  Again, guys like it because it's simple, and they prefer regular blue jeans that aren't too tight.  "Redbook" says it's casual but sexy, and it tells men that you can look great without trying very hard.  

#4.)  A Pencil Skirt With High Heels.  A lot of men in the survey didn't like miniskirts because they're too revealing and don't leave much to the imagination.  Pencil skirts are still sexy, but make you look a lot classier. 

--And more men liked regular heels than platform heels.