WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap July 6th

WIKY Morning Show July 6, 2011

**Big topic of discussion was the Casey Anthony verdict and reaction was swift and strong across the Tri-state.  If you haven’t been following the case closely, this will get you up to date -

Yesterday, after only two days of deliberating, the jury in the CASEY ANTHONY trial came back with their verdict.  And it shocked most legal experts.  They found her NOT GUILTY of murdering her two-year-old daughter.  

 #1.)  In June of 2008, when Casey Anthony was only 22, her two-year-old daughter Caylee disappeared in Florida.  Anthony was eventually arrested for child neglect, and when chloroform was found in her car, she was charged with murder. 

 #2.)  Six months later, Caylee's bones were found in the woods near their home.  She had been covered in duct tape.  

 #3.)  ALL evidence pointed to Anthony.  The most damning were computer records showing she'd Googled terms like "neck breaking" and "how to make chloroform."  And a heart-shaped sticker was found on the duct tape on Caylee. 

 #4.)  The trial lasted for seven weeks.  The prosecution believed Anthony had suffocated her daughter, then driven around with her and finally buried her in the woods. 

 #5.)  The defense tried to prove that all the evidence was circumstantial.  They said Caylee drowned and Anthony panicked and covered up the death, burying her daughter in the backyard. 

 #6.)  Legal experts believed Anthony would be found guilty of murdering her daughter.  If so, prosecutors planned to seek the death penalty. 

 #7.)  The jury of seven women and five men returned a verdict of not guilty for murder, not guilty of aggravated child abuse, and not guilty of aggravated manslaughter.  Under double jeopardy laws she cannot be tried for those again.  

 #8.)  They did find Anthony guilty of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.  She could get up to one year in jail for each count and will be sentenced tomorrow.  

 #9.)  None of the jurors spoke with the media yesterday but it's believed that they'll say the prosecution didn't meet the burden of proof.  

 #10.)  After the verdict was delivered, the Internet EXPLODED . . . at one point, nine of the 10 trending topics on Twitter were about the trial . . . with the overwhelming majority of people absolutely SHOCKED and DISGUSTED at the result.    

(Time / CNN)

**The Evansville Courier Press recently ran a story about the last draftee to retire from the Army.  We heard about someone else, who at the incredible age of 76 is still on active duty and deployed to Afghanistan.  Read more here –


**We heard from our young Evansville film maker pals and they’re making progress on the feature length film they’ve cast and shot around Evansville –

Hey DJB and Diane,

It's David & Josh with Daylight.  We've just wrapped principal photography and are currently in the process of picture and sound editing.  We'll be hosting a screening of about 30 minutes of the movie on Monday, August 1st at 8pm at Showplace Cinemas Newburgh.  Seating is limited, as it's a way for all those involved with the film to see part of it and to entice possible investors to help us raise the rest of the necessary funds.  We'd like to come on your show at some point this summer to talk up the event and maybe give away a few tickets on the air.  Would early July work?  And since you two have been so helpful in getting the word out about the film, we'd like to offer you each a ticket for you and a guest if you'd like to come.  Thanks!

More info at http://www.daylightindiana.com

**We had some fun with a little mind candy this morning.  Here’s the concept – if you could have a remote that could control ANYTHING.  What would you want yours to control?  Adam Sandler learned the hard way in his movie that messing with time is just asking for trouble.  Just ask Marty McFly.

Diane wants a remote so that she could mute people who annoy her.  DJB mentioned that means no one would ever hear him on the radio anymore.  DJB wants a remote to control the length of his grass. 

Among listener remotes – one that could mute the puppy at 3am and rewind the piddle puddle by the back door; another would like a remote to control the flow of questions coming from her 4 year old; and still another would like a remote to run her checking account.  Seems everyone wants a remote like that!

**According to a new survey by Zoosk.com about dating and cell phones, bad ringtones were named the LEAST SEXY cell phone accessory.  They even beat Bluetooth headsets, which came in second.

Wearing a cell phone belt clip came in third.  Putting an ugly faceplate on your phone came in fourth.  Here are some more findings from the survey . . .

86% of people say that constantly glancing at your cell phone is the most offensive phone behavior on a date.  That beat out sending a text or taking a call. 

33% of people have left a date early because the other person was too obsessed with their cell phone.  But 25% say they actually don't mind if their date checks his or her cell phone every once in a while.  

25% of women have dumped someone via text versus 15% of men. 

73% prefer to set up a date on a phone call rather than through text.

68% say you shouldn't check-in on Facebook, Foursquare, or Yelp when you arrive at a date. 

**The Culture Quiz question today was all about modern science –

A group of scientists have recently discovered 662 new species of bacteria.  Where did they make this discovery?

Answer – Your belly button!

A group of scientists discovered 662 new species of bacteria . . . in people's belly buttons. 

The researchers are working on something called the Belly Button Biodiversity project.  They've taken samples from about 100 people to see what's living in their navels. 

The results could not be any nastier:  They've found 1,400 different strains of bacteria, including 662 they couldn't classify.  According to project leader Jiri Hulcr, that, quote, "strongly suggests that they are new to science."  

They decided to look at belly buttons because they're a relatively isolated part of the human body . . . and few people bother to wash theirs regularly. 

Even though they found a huge number of different species, a small group of 40 strains of bacteria made up about 80% of all bacteria in there.