WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap July 22nd


WIKY Morning Show July 22, 2011

**Do you send your kids to camp?  Wouldn’t you like to go, too?  Well, you can –

Here are eight summer camps for adults.  


--Club Getaway:  It's just like your kids' camp . . . except the cabins have A/C, the cafeteria is catered, and there's alcohol.  It costs $289 to $469 for a weekend. 


--Chef Camp:  The Culinary Institute of America has two-to-five-day camps to teach you how to cook gourmet foods.  It'll run you $895 to $2,195, plus extra for cooking tools.     


--Grape Camp:  Probably more accurately described as "Wine Drinking Camp" at a Sonoma winery.  Costs $1,850 to $2,000 for a 3-day camp. 


--Gladiator Camp:  For $700 you dress in tunics and leather and fight it out with tridents and nets.  And it's in nearby San Francisco.  Just kidding, it's in Rome.  


--Extreme SEAL Experience:  Sniper class, Hell night, and a taste of what boot camp is like.  $1,890 for one week, $3,590 for two.   


--Surf Camp:  Depending on your experience level, you can do a week at beaches in North Carolina, the British Virgin Islands, or Costa Rica.  Costs $1,895 to $2,395.    


--Golf Academy:  Study for anywhere from a half day to five days with Arnold Palmer's former agency.  Costs between $270 and $2,505.   


--Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp:  Join a band for a weekend and perform at the Playboy Mansion.  Costs between $2,999 and $7,999. 


(Time Newsfeed)


**We can't tell if this guy's our 'Hero' or our 'Psycho' of the Day.  You be the judge . . . 

--On Monday, 42-year-old David Cross and his wife bought a used van from the Used Car Superstore in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (--on the border with Maine). 

--But when he took it to his mechanic that night, he found out he'd been sold a lemon:  The odometer no longer worked, which made it impossible to insure.  And a vehicle history search showed that it had been in an accident.

  --David and his wife took it back to the dealer for a refund, but they told him he was stuck with it.  So he tried to get them to sell him another van for a reduced price instead.  But they refused to negotiate.   

--So David took his wife home and waited for her to fall asleep (--probably his best decision of the day).  Then, after midnight, he went back to the dealer.  

--And he used his lemon van to ram six cars on the lot, targeting the most expensive ones.  He said, quote, "I hit the first $25,000 car I could see.  I didn't hit a car under $20,000."  He finished by hitting the van they refused to sell him at a discount.   

--Then David flagged down a police car and turned himself in.  He's been charged with six felony counts of criminal mischief, but he's fine with it and said, quote, "I got my point across."   


(--Here's David's mugshot.) 



**For our Friday Extortion Breakfast, we welcomed some of the 100 men who will cook for 100 Women.  It’s a benefit for the YWCA on September 10 at the Centre.  100 area men have volunteered to cook and guests will be able to spend a casual evening enjoying their efforts.  Among those participating in the first time event, Bob Jones and Jim Sandgren of ONB, Jeff Whiteside of Vectren, and Jeff Thompson of Pro Energy Consultants (Diane’s hubby!).  DJB will also be cooking but he’s quick to point out that it’s not called “100 men who cook well” otherwise he wouldn’t be part of it.


More info here -  http://www.oldnational.com/100men