WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap July 21st



WIKY Morning Show July 21, 2011

**Great and practical topic about going McGyver at work when you have a wardrobe malfunction –

--Here are six office supplies that can fix a wardrobe malfunction.

 #1.)  To Loosen a Stuck Zipper, Use a Pencil.  The graphite in a number-two pencil can act like lubrication.  Just rub it across the teeth of the zipper a few times, and it should help loosen it up.

 #2.)  If You Stain Your Shirt, Use Dry-Erase Board Cleaner to Clean It.  The main ingredient is rubbing alcohol, which can remove small stains.  Just blot the stain using a paper towel, and be careful you don't get it near your eyes.

 --But test it on a hidden part of your clothing first, and make sure it doesn’t cause the color to run.

 #3.)  Use a FedEx or UPS Packing Pouch to Remove Pet Hair.  If you realize your shirt has cat hair all over it, take the paper strip off a packing pouch so the stick part is exposed.

 --Then put the pouch on like a glove, and run it over your shirt a few times.  If you don't have a packing pouch, you can do the same thing with a regular piece of packing tape.

 #4.)  If a Hem Rips, Use a Stapler to Fix It.  It seems weird because it'll leave little holes in your clothes.  But pins do the same thing, and people use pins on clothing all the time.

 --So if a hem or a seam rips, just staple it back together.  But make sure you use a staple remover later when you take them out.  Otherwise you'll rip the fabric.

 #5.)  Use a Sharpie to Fix a Scuffed Shoe.  You'll need the right color, but you CAN use a Sharpie on shoes.  Just don't use it on clothing or it'll stain.

 #6.)  If You Lose the Back to an Earring, Use an Eraser.  You could also just not wear earrings for the rest of the day.  But if you absolutely MUST, a piece of eraser can hold the earring in place.

 --It won't even turn your skin green the way earrings with nickel do.

 ** WIKY listeners mentioned paper clips for hair assistance and Bulldog binder clips to fix a broken purse strap.  Plus zip ties – the duct tape of the 21st Century.


**Got and email from a lady who is suffering from something a lot of us can relate to, especially this week –

Since the weather has been extremely hot my fingers and ankles have really be retaining water.

 Is this just me or is everyone else experiencing the same. 


 Well, Barbara is not alone.  Here’s what the medical experts have to say –

After a long day of sitting or standing (especially in warm weather), fluid retention may cause swelling of the legs, ankles and feet. Fluid can also make the back, hands, and face a bit puffy if it pools overnight. Try to avoid standing or sitting for extended periods, and exercise on a regular basis. It may be helpful to elevate your feet above the level of your heart a few times a day if possible (such as by propping your legs on pillows when you sleep or on a desk while working). You may also want to consider wearing compression stockings to keep excess fluid out of the lower extremities.

And another take -

Your body is storing it in case it gets hotter and your body needs to use it. Because when it's hot outside, your body uses more water to cool itself down and keep you hydrated.

 Stay cool!


**Another email from a big Colts fan –

 I’m needing to locate some old Colt’s T-shirts.

 Despite my best efforts, I cannot track down a 2003 AFC South Champions (division) shirt or a 2004 AFC South Champions (division) shirt.  The Colts also won the AFC East(ern) Division in 1987.  That one I know is a long shot, over 25 years old.

 Here is a link to a photo of the 2004 shirt (there are probably a few different versions, so it could look differently): http://www.amazon.com/Indianapolis-Champions-Official-Locker-T-Shirt/dp/B0007QC3PM

 I have searched eBay and have set up automatic nightly searches to notify me if a shirt becomes available. I have searched craigslist (a national classifieds website) throughout Indiana, and have posted a WANTED ad on craigslist for the shirts in question. I have also scoured the internet. Size is irrelevant. Even youth shirts, if M or bigger, should be big enough. New or used is fine. A woman's shirt (so long as not pink) would be fine. New or used. I don't care! I just want/need the shirts for him.
I would happily pay upwards of $20-$30 for them.  Hoping for not badly faded and in good condition.

 Thank you as always for any assistance you can give.

 Regards, loyal listener,

 Candy Merle

 If you have any Colts t-shirts, email us (djb@wiky.com or diane@wiky.com) and we’ll put in touch with Candy.

** We're big James Bond fans, so we were sad to hear of the passing of former Bond girl Angela Scoular.  She played Ruby Bartlett, one the the patients at the allergy clinic in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service."  It wasn't a huge part, but it was definitely memorable!  If you get a chance, you'll have to watch the movie again.  Here's a picture of her from the movie.

Culture Quiz

41% of women, 9% of men have done it at work. 2% of people do it at least once a week at work. What?

Answer:  Cry!

Winner:  Joe MacKenzie of Evansville!