WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap July 18th


WIKY Morning Show July 18, 2011

**Family Words.  Every family has ‘em –  words that only come about from situations that arise in your family.  Among our faves –

“Choff,” also choffing, to choff.  A combo choke/cough, particularly if you can make liquid, like milk, shoot out of the nostrils.  It was a word that came about in a family with a lot of kids.  The story we got was that the oldest brother could make the youngest sister choff at will.  He’d just look at her and say, “Choff,” and whatever beverage she was drinking at the time came spewing forth like a fountain.

“Flutterby” A butterfly, coined by a 4 year old who thought “butterfly” didn’t make any sense.  She’s right!

“Beef Walk” It’s a practice when you excuse yourself from the group to walk around outside and well, pass gas.  As in, “Where were you?  Dad was looking for you.” “Oh, I was taking a beef walk, what’s he want?”

**Diane ran across an amazing story about a mom, her son, and Facebook.

This past Mother's Day, 45-year-old writer Deborah Copaken Kogan updated her Facebook status and wrote, quote, "Nothing says Happy Mother's Day quite like a Sunday morning at the pediatrician's."  


Her four-year-old son Leo had woken up with a mysterious rash and a high fever, so she took him to the doctor.  He got meds for strep throat, but his face kept swelling, and he looked worse the next day.   


Deborah kept posting about it, including photos of Leo's swollen face, and got ANOTHER diagnosis from a second doctor's visit . . . scarlet fever. 


But Leo kept getting worse, she kept posting photos and comments about his puffy face, and eventually one of her Facebook friends actually picked up the phone and called her:  She knew what Leo had, and he had to get to a hospital IMMEDIATELY. 


Her son had had the exact same symptoms, and ended up with something called Kawasaki disease:  A rare auto-immune disorder that affects kids under the age of five, and attacks the coronary arteries surrounding the heart.  And it can be fatal.   


Two of Deborah's pediatrician friends on Facebook posted the same diagnosis when they saw Leo's photos . . . Deborah rushed him to the hospital . . . and he was diagnosed with the disorder.  Another day, and it could have been too late. 


It affected both his heart and liver, and he was in and out of the hospital for weeks, but he's alive and recovering fine.   

 Here’s a picture of mom and son -



**It’s county fair time across the nation – 


David Warner won the small car division at the Demolition Derby at the Jessamine County Fair in Kentucky (--just south of Lexington).   


When he got out of his car to get his trophy, David appeared to stumble, and officials and spectators told police he seemed drunk.  


David admitted he'd pounded several Bud Lights before the competition to loosen up, but he denies that he was drunk.  His defense needs a little work, though.  He told a local news reporter, "I had eight beers . . . That's it!"   


Police tried to give David a sobriety test, but he wasn't cooperative.  He refused a breathalyzer and said, quote, "I ain't blowin' in that (bleeping) tube, so you can shove it up your (backside)." 


David was arrested and charged with DUI.   


County fair officials are considering stripping David of his trophy and prize money.  He's already been banned from all future fair events.  (--So no tours of the 4-H pavilion, no custom air-brushed t-shirts, no Kenny Loggins concert.  Bummer.) 

 Here's David's mugshot  -  




 **In WIKY Morning Show Sports over the weekend, Team USA lost to Japan in the Women’s Soccer World Cup finals in a heartbreaker, Northern Irish golfer Darren Clarke won his first major yesterday when he closed out his fourth round of the 2011 British Open with an even-par 70. Clarke finished the championship at 5-under, and beat Phil Mickelson by three strokes. At 42, Clarke is the oldest golfer to win the British Open in 44 years.  And, a record was set at the 7th Annual Wiener Dog Races held at Ellis Park Saturday.  Read more here –