WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap July 14th


WIKY Morning Show July 14, 2011

**The last film in the Harry Potter series opens tonight at midnight in theatres across the Tri-state tonight.  We heard from Diane at Showplace Cinemas with an update on tickets.  Still some available this morning but they’re expecting a sell-out tonight.  Check prices and available here


**Dodge has issued a recall on Ram trucks due to steering issues. 

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**North Dakota has apparently never been a state.  Really.  Here’s the story –

82-year-old John Rolczynski lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  For some reason, he was reading through the state constitution.  And he found a pretty big twist:  Based on how it's worded, North Dakota ISN'T ACTUALLY A STATE.


To be recognized as a state by the federal government, the constitution has to specifically establish that the state has a governor.  North Dakota's constitution doesn't do that.  It never mentions a governor. 


That puts the state constitution in conflict with the U.S. Constitution.  Technically, that makes it invalid.  Without a state constitution, it's not a state.  So really, North Dakota has just been a TERRITORY all this time. 


Of course, this is all a technicality.  And it's not like all the flags are going to get redone with 49 stars or anything like that. 


Now that North Dakota has found out about the problem with their constitution, they're working to change it to make sure they're OFFICIALLY a state.


Two Dakotas was probably too much anyway.


**The community of Rockport is rallying support for a local family.  Here’s the story –


Lexi Johnson, a wonderful 15 year old girl who suffered from a rare skin disease known as Epidermolysis bullosa was the strongest person that anyone had met before and she was the sweetest person ever. On Friday, July 8, 2011, Lexi lost her life to an infection that overpowered her strong and courageous spirit. Now, she is in need of our help to fulfill her wish by laying with her grandparents and to give her a proper burial, but her mom and step-dad can't afford it and they are at a loss as to what to do. The cost of the funeral is estemated at around $7,000. Any type of donation would be greatly appreciated. From all of her family and friends, we would like to say Thank you.  
This is a post from her Facebook page "Help Lexi Johnson".  
We have set up a few car washes for this week and ask the communities support to help her family with these costs. She has a funeral fund set up at Old National bank under Lexus Johnson and you can also call the funeral home directly and donate if not able to make it out. The funeral home is  Boulting House Funeral Home Rockport IN 47635, or call 812-649-4546 and ask for Evan.....tell them you want to donate to Lexus Johnson's funeral services.  Thanks.


And, we talked about the ESPY Awards which were held last night.  Dirk Novitski of the Dallas Mavericks won Male Athlete of the Year and skier Lindsey Vonn won her second straight Female Athlete of the Year award.  During her acceptance speech, she singled out Justin Bieber in the audience and asked him to take a picture with her for her Facebook page.  He said sure and check it out below!