WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap July 11th


WIKY Morning Show July 11, 2011

LL Bean has announced that it will no longer charge for shipping.  No minimum order, no expiration date.  We think it might be a game changer.  What do you think?

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** We featured a story about a major Disney fan who got into quite a bit of trouble over the weekend, where else?  Disney World!

57-year-old George Reiger of Upper Saucon, Pennsylvania is semi-famous for being the DISNEY TATTOO GUY.  You might've seen a photo of him online his body is covered with more than 2,200 DISNEY TATTOOS. 


And last week, he was on vacation with his fiancée.  Yes, the Disney Tattoo Guy convinced a woman to marry him. Naturally, they were on vacation at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 


Unfortunately, things turned ugly.  Reiger and his fiancée got into an argument in their hotel room which ended up turning PHYSICAL.  Reiger allegedly grabbed her, pushed her down, and wouldn't let her leave the room. 


He was arrested and charged with two felonies, false imprisonment and criminal mischief. 


Reiger isn't just covered with Disney tattoos, he's also turned his house into a Disney shrine.  He has more than 5,000 pieces of memorabilia and spends $50,000 a year on Disney collectibles and trips to Disney parks.  He says he met his fiancée at a Disney convention last year. 


Here's a pic of George:




** Diane found a survey about women and shopping for vacation.

According to the results, 85% of women spend more money on a new wardrobe for a vacation than on the vacation itself. 

The average woman said she would spend about $2,400 on new clothes, shoes, bathing suits, and accessories for a trip.  The average amount she was spending to go on the trip itself was $1,085. 

 Also, women spend an average of $80 on more new clothes while they're on vacation. 

 96% of women take at least five pairs of shoes on vacation.  

 52% say they fill their suitcase and then use the leftover space in their boyfriend or husband's suitcase. 

And 65% of women only wear half of what they pack.


** Diane also found this helpful on a Monday while settling into the workweek -

The Top Five Things That Annoy Your Boss 

#1.)  Constant Use of the Word "Like."  It can prevent you from GETTING a job, and apparently it has the potential to get you FIRED too.  But at the very least, it makes you look dumb. 


#2.)  Texting Them Outside of Work.  Even if it's work-related, it's usually not appropriate to text your boss unless it's urgent, and you don't have access to email.  On the other hand, if they text YOU about something work-related, you should definitely reply. 


#3.)  Chatting Online.  As you'd expect, they hate this one, which is why a lot of companies block websites like Facebook.  And if you're instant messaging or chatting on Facebook all the time, you boss will eventually notice.    

 #4.)  Asking Questions You Could Easily Answer Online.  If you might be able to find the answer online, at least look for it before you ask your boss.  Because when they Google it and find the answer immediately, you'll feel like a moron.   

 #5.)  Not Proofreading Emails.  Typos can make you look really dumb, and everyone makes them . . . even geniuses.  So make sure you proofread anything you send your boss, or a client.  (Cosmopolitan.com)

** And, with county fairs in full swing around the Tri-state and with the Fall Festival coming up soon enough, DJB is always on the lookout for potential items that might show up on Franklin Street.

How ‘bout this?

In Hugo, Minnesota, Grundhofer's Old-Fashion Meat market is selling GUMMY BEAR BRATWURST. 


Spencer Grundhofer, who owns the market, actually mixes whole gummy bears in with his bratwurst meat.  Then, it all gets jammed into the casings.  And apparently, people LOVE them. 

Spencer says that people can't get enough of the mix of salty and sweet, and he's selling about 50 to 75 pounds worth of gummy bear brats every week.  He also says that, as far as he knows, he's the only person in the country selling them.   

 (If you can’t talk Dewig Meats into doing it, you can order direct - the number for Grundhofer's Old-Fashion Meat is 651-426-2800.)

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