WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap August 3rd


WIKY Morning Show August 3, 2011

**Last day of the current heat wave and we’re celebrating by baking cookies in Diane’s car.  You can follow the cookies’  progress on Facebook.   It’s looking so far like an all day affair.  DJB told Diane they should have followed the package instructions and pre-heated Diane’s car to 350 degrees.

Here are a couple of snapshots of the baking cookies –


**It’s Riley Hospital for Children Month at WIKY, celebrating 10 years of radiothons for the hospital that cares for thousands of Tri-state kids every year.  New feature this year is FirstGiving, a great way to get a team together to donate to Riley.  You can even coordinate donations in the name of a Riley kid in your family.  All the details on the Riley page at wiky.com.


**Just how good a driver do you think you are?  Well, according to a new survey from Allstate Insurance, 64% of Americans, or two out of three, believe they're better than basically everyone else on the road.  That many people rated themselves as excellent or very good drivers. 

 --And while we all think we're amazing . . . no one really thinks much of other people's driving skills.    
--Only 29% say their friends have excellent or very good driving skills . . . 22% think other people their age are excellent or very good drivers . . . and 8% think people in nearby states are excellent or very good.  
--Overall, everyone but teenagers think teenagers are the worst drivers.  81% of people say teenagers are average or poor drivers.  70% say senior citizens are average or poor. 
--33% say people with kids in the car are average or poor.  BUT . . . 64% of people who drive with their own kids say their driving is excellent or very good. 
--And finally, 56% of people have been in an accident . . . but only 28% say the accident was their fault.   

 **We spent another minute inside a woman’s head.  This time, female toe envy at work.

 Listen to it here –



**Culture Quiz – If a product features this, you’re 40% more likely to buy it.  What?

A picture of an animal!