WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap August 2nd


WIKY Morning Show August 2, 2011

**Back from vacation and Diane reviewed a local favorite restaurant that she had never tried. Big thumbs up for Charlie’s Mongolian BBQ on Diamond!

DJB spent some time catching up on a few movies – thumbs up for: Dinner for Schmucks and Rango, thumbs down for the new Arthur and The American.

**Play the lottery? Play it like this?

Marjorie and Gerald Selbee are a married couple in their 70s who live in Massachusetts. And they figured out a flaw in one of the state's more obscure lottery games: If they bought $600,000 in tickets, they could guarantee a win.


The game is called Cash WinFall. Very few people play it, so very few people win it. And the prizes accumulate each week until it hits a $2 MILLION jackpot, with some massive secondary prizes for getting most of the numbers right.


A few weeks ago, the jackpot and prizes hit that maxed out level. And the Selbees went into action.


Marjorie went to a liquor store in Sunderland, Massachusetts, and spent THREE DAYS buying $307,000 worth of $2 tickets for the game. Gerald was at a coffee shop that whole time buying $307,000 worth of tickets on his own.


They bought about half of the possible 1,605 winning tickets for Cash WinFall . . . and they'd calculated that it was enough to guarantee they'd make their money back.


And it turns out this isn't the first time they've done this in 2011. They've played the system on Cash WinFall before.


They haven't said whether they won the jackpot this time, but the smaller prizes for matching most of the numbers are high enough that they've already cleared $1 MILLION . . . and will probably make another several million this year.


(Boston Globe)


**It’s Riley Hospital for Children Month at WIKY, celebrating 10 years of radiothons for the hospital that cares for thousands of Tri-state kids every year. New feature this year is FirstGiving, a great way to get a team together to donate to Riley. You can even coordinate donations in the name of a Riley kid in your family. All the details on the Riley page at wiky.com.

**Culture Quiz today at 8:20, brought to you by Subway –


78% of women polled said that this was their biggest regret from their high school years…what? Their hairdo!