WIKY Morning Show Re-Cap August 11th


WIKY Morning Show August 11, 2011

** It seems like just about everything costs more than it used to.  And prices for everything from coffee and bacon, to rent, health care, and used cars have hit all-time highs. 


But according to "Time" magazine, here are seven things that are actually getting cheaper. 


#1.)  Pools.  Sales of in-ground pools have dropped 75% since 2004.  And it's caused what "The Wall Street Journal" called, quote, "one of the most dramatic discounting eras ever seen." 


If you're in the market, most companies are offering big discounts, and throwing in extra stuff for free. 


#2.)  IKEA Products.  By cutting the cost of materials, transportation, design, production, and marketing, IKEA is lowering prices on everything by two to three percent this year.  And they're also doing the same thing NEXT year. 


#3.)  Volkswagens.  Most cars are getting more expensive, but in the last two years, Volkswagen has lowered the base price of both the Jetta and the Passat. 


Last year, they dropped the price of the Jetta by about $1,700 to $15,995

And the 2012 Passat starts at $19,995, which is $7,000 cheaper than the 2011 model.  Although, according to car experts, the new models aren't quite as good. 


#4.)  Real Estate.  Homeowners aren't happy about this one, but it's great if you're planning to buy.  In the last few years, housing prices have decreased by one-third, which is even more than they did during the Great Depression. 


#5.)  Solar Panels.  66% more Americans had solar panels installed in the first quarter of 2011 than in 2010.  And it's partly because the price of solar panel equipment has dropped 15% over the last year.  


#6.)  3-D Televisions.  Last July, a 50-inch 3-D television cost about $900 more than a regular 50-inch TV did.  But right now, the 3-D version is about $400 more. 


#7.)  Going Into Space.  A company called SpaceX is developing new rockets that will make space travel one-third to one-half cheaper.  But it'll still cost about $100,000 per person.  So . . .  start saving now? 




** The "Today" show and Parenting.com surveyed more than 26,000 moms, and asked them to reveal some of their biggest secrets.  Here are the 10 biggest secret confessions of moms.  Kinda makes you wonder how much of this stuff is true with your own mom . . . 


#1.)  They Want to Be Left Alone.  23% of mothers say the thing they miss the most from their pre-parenting life is alone time.  14% say they most miss their old body . . . and another 14% most miss the sleep they used to get. 


#2.)  They're Weird About Seeing Other Women Breastfeeding.  Even other moms think it's kinda strange when you whip out your breast in public.  42% say they don't like seeing it. 


#3.)  They Send Their Kids to School Sick.  49% of moms, or about HALF, have KNOWINGLY sent their kids to school while sick because they couldn't stay home to take care of them. 


#4.)  Most of Them Would Like a Do Over.  71% of moms say that they'd do something a little differently.  23% would pick a different SPOUSE, 21% would have more kids, 19% would pick a more flexible career . . . 


4% question their decision to have kids ALTOGETHER . . . and 10% wish their child was the opposite sex.  Of the moms who wished their kid was the other gender, 60% wish they'd had a girl instead of a boy. 


#5.)  They'd Choose Great Sleep Over Great Sex.  It's close, but 53% of moms say they'd take a great night of sleep over, quote, "mind-blowing sex."  


#6.)  They're Distracted by Technology.  This one REALLY isn't cool.  5% say their child has gotten HURT because they were texting or web surfing . . . and another 18% have had a close call.  


#7.)  They Medicate Their Kids More Than You Think.  18% have medicated their child before a long car trip or flight to knock him out . . . and 8% sometimes do it on regular nights at home.

#8.)  They Judge Other Moms Constantly.  88% say they regularly judge other moms.  66% say they judge a mom with a bratty kid, 37% judge a mom with an overweight kid, and 34% judge a mom whose kid is eating junk food. 


#9.)  They Have a Favorite Child.  14% of moms, or about one in seven, say they secretly have a favorite. 


#10.)  They Use Their Kids to Get Out of Things.  84% have used their kids as an excuse to skip a social event they didn't want to go to.  And 45% do that at least once a month. 


Two other quick findings from the survey:  25% are worried their partner is a better parent than they are . . . and 44% say they'd rather be 15 pounds thinner than add 15 points to their child's IQ.   




** cMoe Seeks Nominees for 5th Annual Karen D. Magan Inspiring Life Award 


(Evansville, IN) – Do you know an individual who has led an inspiring life and has made a tremendous impact on children and families?  If so, the Koch Family Children's Museum of Evansville (cMoe) invites you to submit a nomination for its 5th annual Karen D. Magan Inspiring Life Award.  The award is in honor of Karen Donovan Magan who, in collaboration with the Junior League of Evansville, championed the effort to create Hands On Discovery Children's Museum in 1990.  This vision and commitment led to the establishment of cMoe in 2006.  To nominate an individual, access the application at www.cmoekids.org under the "Special Events" banner at the bottom of the homepage and send the completed nomination form and the required attachments listed on the application to: cMoe, Attn: Karen D. Magan Inspiring Life Award, P.O. Box 122, Evansville, IN 47701.  The nomination deadline is September 9, 2011.  The recipient will be honored at cMoe's 5th Birthday Celebration on Friday, October 28.  For more information on the Award, please contact Karen Cox at 812-464-cMoe, ext. 230.


** The Evansville Shakespeare Players will launch their inaugural production of The Tempest this weekend.  The performances are FREE to the public, and will be this Friday and Saturday @ 6:30pm, and Sunday @ 4:30pm at the Pagoda in Downtown Evansville.  You’re encouraged to bring lawn chairs, umbrellas/sunscreen, bug spray, and plenty of water. The performance will last approximately two hours. The Tempest is Shakespeare's final masterpiece and the plot centers around a magician who causes a shipwreck in order to exact his revenge on the plotters who threw him out of his kingdom.

**Today is Indiana 811 Day!  We’d like to thank Chuck Muller and the crew at Indiana 811 for the spectacular Donut Bank cake celebrating Indiana 811 Day on, naturally, August 11!  Remember to call 811 BEFORE you dig.  It’s easy and it’s the law.  All the details – 


**Buy a Blizzard Treat at any Dairy Queen today and $1 will go to Riley! 

**It’s Riley Hospital for Children Month at WIKY, celebrating 10 years of radiothons for the hospital that cares for thousands of Tri-state kids every year.  New feature this year is FirstGiving, a great way to get a team together to donate to Riley.  You can even coordinate donations in the name of a Riley kid in your family.  All the details on the Riley page at wiky.com.


**Culture Quiz, brought to you by Subway -  According to a recent study, 1 in 4 Americans have never had one and 77% of those who have, haven’t had one in 3 years.  What?  Vacation!