WIKY Morning Show Nov. 11th

** Today was the WIKY Morning Show's Annual Veteran's Day Breakfast onboard the LST 325.

Hundreds of local veterans stopped by to enjoy a hot breakfast on the tank deck of the LST 325, thanks to the generosity of Browning Funeral home.  The "diesel flavored eggs," biscuits and gravy, sausage and piping hot coffee were cooked and served by the Black Buggy.

The reason we love this broadcast so much is the fact that the LST 325 is the LAST LST in existence and it makes Evansville its home! During World War II, the Evansville, Indiana, riverfront was transformed into a 45-acre (180,000 m2) shipyard to produce LSTs. At its peak, the Evansville Shipyard employed a workforce of over 19,000 and completed two of these massive ships per week, becoming the largest inland producer of LSTs in the nation. Although the Evansville Shipyard was originally contracted to produce 24 ships, 167 LSTs and 35 other vessels were built in Evansville.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for our broadcast this morning; a spectacular sunrise, followed by crystal clear blue skies.  Dennis and I couldn't help but marvel at how much this event has grown since our very first Veteran's Day breakfast, when we had one table and a cooler full of Chick Fil-A breakfast biscuits!  As a matter of fact, here's a picture of our very first broadcast!


** A couple of other items to note: the LST 325 is looking for volunteers to give tours of the ship and help with maintenance during the regular tour hours.  Call the LST office at 812-435-8678.

** We want to thank Barbara Kortz for stopping by to visit with us. Barbara is a veteran of the Marine Corps (Semper Fi and Happy Birthday) and she has started the Tri-State Women's Veteran Organization. It's open to all women who have served in the United States Military. The group offers fellowship, networking and serving the community as women veterans.  They have several women who are veterans of World War 2 and they're always looking for more people to join!  If you'd like some more info, call Barbara at 812-909-1191 or email her at:  tristatewomenvet@aol.com.

** We'd also like to thank Boy Scout Troop 322 of Crossroads Christian Church for volunteering this morning. The boys had trash hauling duty, and they did a fabulous job! Their annual Christmas tree and wreath sale starts the Friday after Thanksgiving with 2 locations.  The trees are sold on Vann near the Lloyd Expressway in Evansville and also in Buehlers parking lot in Newburgh. If your front door is bare, the scouts say, you can also buy a fresh pine wreath from them.

Once again, we want to take this opportunity to thank all veterans for their service and sacrifice for the greatest nation on Earth, the United States of America.  God Bless and Happy Veteran's Day!