WIKY Morning Show August 19


**We welcomed Tales and Scales for our Extortion Breakfast, brought to you by Old National Bank.  The breakfast was superb and the entertainment first rate!  Tales and Scales performs at every EVSC and Henderson County school along with many other venues around the region.  Tales and Scales, in their 25th year, a unique blend of story, music, theatre, movement, and creativity and call it “musictelling.”

More info and their schedule can be found at


Or call 812-425-8741

**We welcomed our friend Diane Masterson of the Kiwanis Club live in studio this morning.  WIKY, Old National Bank, and the Kiwanis have teamed up to help the Kiwanis Welcome Carts that they build and operate for children and their families at Riley.  Often, parents bring their kids to the hospital only to find themselves stuck there for days.  The Welcome Carts provide things like soap, shampoo, games, and other items to make them feel just a little more comfortable.  Starting Monday, you can donate these small items at any ONB branch.  More details at wiky.com

**Women’s Equality Day will celebrated in Evansville next Thursday, August 25 with an annual breakfast and lecture at the Centre from 7 to 10 am.  Tickets are $15 and available through the local chapter of The Leauge of Women Voters (www.lwvswin.org) or by calling 812-437-9320.  Thanks to State Senator Veneta Becker for dropping by The WIKY Morning Show to let us know about it.

** Back in May we told you these were coming.  And now . . . they're here:  For everyone who's ever stared down a package of Double Stuf Oreos and thought, "Those are KINDA good, but I want more" . . . the day has finally arrived.

This week, new Triple-Double Oreos have hit the shelves.  A triple-double is an Oreo cookie . . . a layer of traditional Oreo filling . . . another cookie . . . a layer of chocolate filling . . . and finally, one more cookie.  Like a club sandwich.

Each one will run you a VERY high 100 calories!

**In a new poll designed to gauge how effective a celebrity's endorsement can drive business for a brand, BETTY WHITE was voted the most popular and trusted celebrity.  And PARIS HILTON was voted the LEAST.

 Here are the 10 Most Popular . . . along with the percentage of people who gave them a favorable rating . . .

 #1.)  Betty White,  86%

 #2.)  Denzel Washington,  85%

#3.)  Sandra Bullock,  84%

#4.)  Clint Eastwood,  83%

#5.)  Tom Hanks,  81%

#6.)  Harrison Ford,  80%

#7.)  (tie)  Morgan Freeman and Kate Middleton,  79%

#9.)  Will Smith,  77%

#10.)  Johnny Depp,  76%

--Here are the 10 Least Popular . . . along with the percentage of people who gave them an UNFAVORABLE rating:

#1.)  Paris Hilton,  60%

#2.)  Charlie Sheen,  52%

#3.)  (tie)  Britney Spears and Kanye West,  45%

#5.)  Arnold Schwarzenegger,  44%

#6.)  Tiger Woods,  42%

#7.)  Kim Kardashian,  38%

#8.)  Mel Gibson,  33%

#9.)  Donald Trump,  31%

#10.)  LeBron James,  29%

**Culture Quiz this morning, brought to you by Subway – 40% of Americans believe they’ll see these in heaven, what?  Harps!