WIKY Morning Show August 18


**We welcomed Rick Davis, Democratic candidate for mayor of Evansville, live in studio this morning as our guest host.  Among the issues Mr. Davis discussed was his controversial stand on combating meth labs in Evansville.  Rick says that while it’s true that only a relatively small number of people are involved in the manufacture of meth, it affects all citizens in Evansville. 

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**It’s Riley Hospital for Children Month at WIKY, celebrating 10 years of radiothons for the hospital that cares for thousands of Tri-state kids every year.  New feature this year is FirstGiving, a great way to get a team together to donate to Riley.  You can even coordinate donations in the name of a Riley kid in your family.  All the details on the Riley page at wiky.com and be sure to check out DJB and Diane’s team giving pages at firstgiving.com or on Facebook.

**Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden is holding a Zoofari on Saturday.  It’s an Amazing Race style scavenger hunt.  There will be two Saturday, one in the morning for kids and families and one in the evening for adults.  Another pair of tickets in the Culture Quiz in the morning at 8:20 (brought to you by Subway).  Details here –


** Researchers at Ohio State University just released the results of a 20-YEAR study . . . where they monitored 1,000 married couples for two full decades.  And they found there are four basic types of marriages . . .

 Validator marriages.  Couples with equal decision-making input and lower levels of conflict.  54% of people are in these marriages, and most are very happy.  These marriages have lower levels of divorce.

 Avoider marriages.  6% of couples follow "traditional" gender roles . . . wives do housework, husbands make money, and divorce is NOT an option.  Believe it or not, they don't fight often . . . since there's no chance at divorce, it's not worth arguing.

 Volatile marriages.  20% of people are in marriages with HIGH conflict . . . but also high levels of happiness.  Basically, the highs are very high, and the lows are very low.  They have a decent chance of divorcing.

 Hostile marriages.  20% of people are in marriages where they fight constantly and are ALSO miserable.  These couples almost always get divorced.

 The study also found that the amount of fighting in a relationship rarely changes over time.  So if you fight constantly in your first few years, you'll keep on fighting that much forever.  If you don't, you won't.

**Culture Quiz this morning – A survey asked women what they thought was “romantic,” a candlelight dinner was #1, what’s #2?  A picnic!  Congrats to Lorene from Newburgh!