WIKY Morning Show August 15, 2011

 **Jeff Lyons, 14WFIE Chief Meteorologist, joined us in studio this morning filling in for Diane.  DJB and Jeff talked about the unusual weather events Indianapolis and Louisville over the weekend.

**Tragedy at the Indiana State Fair Saturday night when severe wind gusts blew over a stage set up for a Sugarland concert.  5 were killed, over 40 hurt. 

 It happened around 9:00 P.M, and the weather was looking pretty bad, but it hadn't started raining yet.  Officials monitoring the situation made an announcement that things could get worse, but they ALSO said the concert would go on as planned.

Some people took the warning and started to leave . . . but most hung around.  What came next is what Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels called, quote, "A freakish accident." 

Out of nowhere, dirt, dust, and wind came barreling up the fairground's main thoroughfare.  The rigging started wobbling . . . and then it came crashing down onto the stage. 

Tragically, it also landed on the "Sugar Pit", which is a VIP area next to the stage where about 200 Sugarland fans were seated.  We don't know if, or how many of those fans were seriously injured.  One lighting technician is confirmed dead.

Because of the tragedy, Sugarland canceled last night's concert at the Iowa State Fair.  That will NOT be rescheduled and fans are getting a refund.  The band's next scheduled show is Thursday in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  No word if that will go on.

Sugarland released a statement that said, quote, "We are stunned and heartbroken for the fans and their families in Indiana.  We hold those injured in our prayers at this very sad time. There are no words.  It is tragic."

One last thing:  According to Billboard.com, the rigging was set up by the Indiana State Fair for all the concerts and events during the fair.  Acts like Sugarland attach their own sound and lighting.  The rigging AND Sugarland's equipment came down.

**DJB and Jeff also discussed the upcoming Really Big Show, now in planning stages for an early February show at the Centre.  This year the theme of the show is all about outer space.  Sounds like fun!  DJB and Diane, as usual, will be part of the show and will have details when we’re a little closer to the big show.

**Jeff Lyons and DJB also discussed a new study about the best way to win at Monopoly –

If you want to win at Monopoly, take advantage of the people getting out of jail.

--A group of mathematicians figured out which properties were the best ones to buy, based on their rent, and the likelihood people will land on them.

--It turns out the best property to get is Illinois Avenue.  That's one of the red ones, just past the Free Parking corner.   

--B&O Railroad, right next to Illinois, is the next best property to buy.  

--If you're looking to buy all of one color's properties so you can build houses, your best bet are the orange properties:  New York Avenue, Tennessee Avenue, and St. James Place  

--That's because those properties are six to nine spots away from jail, which means that people just getting out of jail are most likely to land on them. 

--Illinois and B&O are 14 and 15 spots away, which means they're likely to land there on their SECOND turn out of jail.

--Boardwalk and Park Place have the highest rents, but they come after the "Go to Jail" square, which means that fewer people land on them.

--Jail can also help you late in the game.  If you're stuck in jail, you won't land on other people's houses and hotels and have to pay up.  The mathematicians say that once all the properties have been purchased, you should NEVER pay $50 to get out of jail early. 

**Culture Quiz, brought to you by Subway – Experts say the best last about 3.4 seconds.  The best what?  Handshake!