Things we can't live without

On the show this morning, we were talking about food or beverages that you look forward to having every day, and when you can't get puts you in a mood!

It seems that it was the beverages that most of us can't live without.  For me, it's my Vitamin Water Zero. I bring a bottle with me every morning and I drink it during the course of the show.  If I open the frig at home and we're whole day has gotten off on the wrong foot!

For DJB, every morning at 9, he goes down to the kitchen and gets his bottle of Diet Mt. Dew.  Yesterday, the machine was SOLD OUT! So, he trudged back upstairs with a scowl on his face and no Diet Mt. Dew.

One listener recommended Skinny Water; she said the fruit punch flavor tastes like Hawaiin Punch, plus it's good for you!  I went online and found that Target carries Skinny Water.  Here's their website:

Another listener said she can't live without "choffy" every morning. We'd never heard of this drink, but she said it's cocoa beans that are roasted like coffe and ground. I'm officially intrigued and want to give this a try! Here's the info on choffy: