Tasting Results - Day 1

Mark Elliott Tasting Team Recap – Day 1

Our Booths of the Day - 28 - St. Joe PTO Cheese Soup and 32 Howell Church Beef Sundae

Our 2013 Tasting Team included my friend Carla and her daughter Casey, my friends Darrin and Jeff and Chuck Belanger, the Food and Beverage manager of the Tropacana Evansville.  We went thru a block and a half of Franklin Street on Monday – here’s our review in numerical order:

20 – Onion Rings with a sweet breading from Church of the Harvest, I liked them a lot, the rest of the team was not that impressed.

21 – Pronto Pups from Bethel Temple, not my favorite but some of our team liked it

23 and 24  – Both offered us Bread Pudding, and they were very different.  German Twp.Boosters had the whiskey sauce with whipped cream, and Bethany Christian Church was a little less sweet, which I liked.  Jeff liked both of them, and in fact finished both of them off. 

25 – Munchen Rolls are brats, sauerkraut and cheese baked in bread dough and covered with garlic bread.  St. Theresa Scouts did a great job with these, we all liked them. 

26 – The Firefighters get the award for creativity, with the Flaming Peanut Butter and Jalepeno Sausage Burger.  I have to admit, the only thing I put peanut butter on is bread, so it was not a favorite of mine.

27 – Caring Friends Daycare had burgoo, say it anyway you want.  Chuck told us that in New Jersey you would call that Bruswick Stew.  Tasty. 

28 – St. Joe PTO Cheese Soup was the big hit of the day with our crew.  Pony up the extra cash and get the bread to dip into it while you eat. 

29 – Chicken and Dumplings from Resurrection Church, perfect for the cold evenings ahead this week. 

30 – Pulled Pork Barbeque from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  The guy behind the counter was a heck of a pitchman, and we liked the sandwich.

31 – Twin Towers had Beef and Noodles, great comfort food but wait ‘til the next booth 

32 – The Beef Sundae from Howell United Methodist Church is beef, mashed potatoes and gravy topped with a cherry tomato.  Every one on our team liked this – some wished the gravy was a little “gravier” but this wins for best comfort food of the day. 

33 – Divinity candy from St. Matthew’s UCC.  . 

34 – Pig Snorts and Muddy Pigs from the West Side Christian Church Don’t ask, just go try them.

35 – Salem Church in Darmstadt offered up German Potato Salad, but at the last minute changed their minds and gave us a Brownie Sundae.  And everyone on our team was happy, happy.  Ice cream, brownies, whipped cream and chocolate syrup – the four basic food groups. 

36 – Central United Methodist serves up Blackjack Burgers with pepper jack cheese.  Pretty good. 

37 – Deep Fried Reece Cups – we didn’t get any on this trip, booth was too busy. 

38 – USI Art Club does corn on the cob, which is also at 4 or 5 other booths.  Jeff says add the Cajun salt to make corn great. 

39 – The Pronto Pups from West Side Kiwanis were our team’s favorite Pronto Pub of the day.  

40 – Riverbend Association has a number of interesting items, but they served us a Salad Wrap with a Chicken Kabob.  The salad was really good, wrapped in a flatbread, and the chicken was tasty.   Probably the best “lite” item of the day. 

41 – Grace and Peace Lutheran Church has the famous “Donut Bank Burger” – a burger served on a bun made of Donut Bank donuts.  I liked the combination of “sweet and savory”. 

42 – Armstrong Rec. Center offers Haystacks.  This was my first Haystack, kind of a walking taco in a bowl.  Very tasty mix of lettuce, corn chips and taco meat. 

43 – A Sausage Burger from Corpus Christi, they put onions and pickles on it and 2 sausage patties.  Very good.

44 – German Bologna sandwich from Knights of St. John.  Don’t like bologna, but those who did on the team liked it.

45 – You have to give credit to the booths who try hard to be different.  St. Paul UCC Boy Scouts served us Chinese Food – General’s Chicken on Fried Rice.  I really liked it, other team members kept saying “I don’t come to the Festival for this” but if you want something not deep fried this could be your booth.