Steak and Shake and Crash

Yesterday's accident at the Westside Steak and Shake was a major topic of discussion on the WIKY Morning Show.  Since the accident involved an elderly gentleman who mistook the gas for the brake as the cause, the subject of seniors behind the wheel was predictably at the forefront of the conversation.  In fact, Diane had noticed this story from ABC News just last week -

For those of us with relatives approaching a certain age, as the story explains, the subject can be a very difficult dilemma for a lot of families.
However, another story from Pittsburgh is chock full of irony. A 19 year old crashed his car through a Steak and Shake (yes, a Steak and Shake) Wednesday because his leg was in a cast and his foot got stuck on the accelerator.   Here are the details –
Evidently, when it comes to running your car into a Steak and Shake, it can happen to anyone. 
Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in either incident. 
Plenty of food for thought (with or without fries).