Stacking 'em Correctly

With record flooding across the Tri-state, we’ve heard from a number of families and neighborhoods where sandbagging has taken on the literal meaning of using a shovel and a strong back.


Turns out, you might be wasting your time if you’re not doing it right.  The WIKY Morning Show heard from Debbie Flake –


My family and I volunteered last night to fill and stack sandbags with my husband who is on a volunteer fire dept. He has volunteered quite a bit now in this and he saw some people sandbagging the homes wrong last night. If you don’t get them placed right then it doesn’t do any good. I did a quick Google this am and saw many sites that can show how to properly sandbag. It’s very easy and VERY IMPORTANT to get the bags placed right. Just throwing them on top of each other will not stop water from coming in. Maybe you could suggest for people to check it out.. here are links for info:


It’s shame to see people work so hard and possibly still see their home flooded. It’s easy to do it the right way. Please ask people to check it out first. We wish we could be out there today but have to work. We can only volunteer in evenings…..


Thanks so much for what you do. 

Debbie, thank you for the info!