Sharing in the joy of the miracle in Chile

I can't help but swell with pride as one by one, the miners trapped for two months are lifted out of the shaft in Chile. How many times have mine accidents ended in tragedy? Most people in this area have a relative, friend, schoolmate or neighbor personally tied to the coal industry. It's a blessing to have good news to contemplate.

It's also worth noting that such events bring a spirit of unity. As time passes, the memory will fade. The miners will return to their lives, and I'm sure many will return to the mine. Their aura of celebrity will gradually fade. Every few years, there'll be a feature about "Where Are They Now?" But for as long as we can, let's remember that for a brief time, we all shared in the joy and relief felt by their families. These moments come all too seldom. This happiness is a thing to be savored.