Refs Face Suspension For Komen Support

If this weren't so sad, and so amazingly stupid, I'd laugh.

A group of about 140 high school football referees in Washington state decided to donate their paychecks for one game to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, to support research to find a cure for breast cancer. To call attention to the cause, and to their effort, the officials used special pink whistles during the game. As you no doubt know, pink is the symbolic color of choice for breast cancer issues. Here on the Hill, at South Central Media, we have pink flamingoes in our yard and pink ribbons on our railings for just that purpose.

Seems the referees neglected to ask permission from the Washington Officials Association, the governing body of Washington high school referees. It announced last week that the referees could be suspended for two games of the state playoffs for violating the rules against making changes to their uniform. A spokesman said the action was necessary to avoid "sending the wrong message" to students.

Leaving aside the question of whether a whistle is actually part of a uniform, all this tells students is that having every "i" dotted and every "t" crossed is more important than doing the right thing.  In the face of universal scorn, the WOA has softened its stance. It now says that the question of disciplinary action against the officials will be settled after the season.

As someone whose wife survived cancer, and whose father died from cancer, I'd not mind seeing some disciplinary action taken against the WOA. I'm thinking about a woodshed out back, and generous use of a cattle prod. What a bunch of fish heads.


Thanks to WIKY Loyal Listener Tom from Boonville who called my attention to this story