Random Fun

Over the years on the WIKY Morning Show, we’ve had some fun with random items observed on our daily commutes to work.  It started with a random boot Diane noticed in the median of the Lloyd on the West Side and mentioned it on the air.  The random boot in the road - we’ve all see them.   What’s its story?  How did it get there?  Where’s the other boot?  The random boot seems more tragic than the random shoe.  Somehow it feels like the shoe deserved it.  But the lonely boot?  We still have listeners phone in random boot reports.  Feel free.

Another favorite is the random abandoned shopping cart.  If it’s left in or near a neighborhood, there’s no mystery how it got there.  But it’s fun to see how long it takes them to go back to the store.  After you notice an abandoned cart keep track of the days until it’s gone.  That’s the day they had to go back to the dollar store.  Occasionally though the more severe cases can lay upended in a ditch until someone from the city fishes them out.  This heartbreaking cart abuse must stop.

Summer is the only season to enjoy the third of our items – the random stalk of corn.  You’ll start to see them a little after the Fourth of July.  Plenty of theories are offered for their origins – birds, various rodents, seed falling from a truck.  The fun is watching the corn grow week after week until it gets ears.  That's when you need to pay close attention because someone will stop and pick the corn proving again that one man's distraction is another's free roadside vegetables.