Not having good luck with movies lately.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I went to see the movie "Blue Valentine," starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gossling. Michelle Williams had been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, so we wanted to check it out.  Well, about halfway through the film, we looked at each other and decided to leave.

I have to tell you that this is only the SECOND time I've walked out of a movie, so that tells you something right there.  I didn't like the story, the characters or the style of filmmaking, but that's just my opinion.  This movie was on all sorts of critics "Best Of" lists, and I personally just don't get why. 

So, over the weekend, my husband Jeff and I decided to watch "The Town," which had arrived from Netflix earlier in the week.  Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner star as career bank robbers in the Charlestown section of Boston. Jon Hamm of "Mad Men" co-starred as the FBI agent who is hot on their trail.  Perhaps I was already in a mood by the time the film started, since I was held hostage for 15 MINUTES while commercials and previews played on the DVD and I couldn't skip them. The DVD wouldn't allow it! It's bad enough having to sit through commercials at the movie theatre, but now you have to on DVD's??!!

Anyway, about 30 minutes into the movie, I bailed, but Jeff stuck it out. I found there to be no redeeming qualities in any of the characters and quite frankly, I didn't care if they got away with their next heist, or were killed in the process. This was another of those critically-acclaimed films from the last year that I just didn't get at all. This leaves me thinking.....what am I missing here? I'm scratching my head over these two films and why they were so wildly popular. So, I'm 0-for-2 on my last two movie experiences. I think I'll watch "Goldfinger" this afternoon; at least I know I'll enjoy that one!