Mark Elliott’s F Fest Eating Extravaganza 2011 Day One

Mark Elliott’s Eating Extravaganza 2011

First thanks to Mike, Darrin, Carla and Casey for helping out during this years taste testing.  If I get anyone’s name or booth wrong, blame Darrin he kept notes (and he’s on Facebook, so blame him directly.)

My first impressions of the 90th Fall Festival is how many very unique and new (to me) food items we have tasted this week.  It reminds me that you have to make sure you stroll all of Franklin Street.  Our assignment this year was booths 1-31 (the other end of the street from the stages) and we certainly got to sample some great things.

1 – Wish Upon a Star – 2010 winner for Pork Chop Sandwich.  Still as good as last year, this would be a great evening meal to line your stomach for the more “exotic” eating

The next three booths are the new food zone:

2 – Boy Scout #399 – Coney Island Cornbread with Italian Beef and Cheese.  They were on a trip to New York and discovered this cornbread recipe, which we all agreed was great.  The Scouts added the beef and cheese, which some of our group felt was a little much.  I really liked it – the cornbread was AWESOME.

3 – Highland Baseball – Deep Fried Pepsi. <<Monday Booth of the Day >>  David Fisher told his tale of woe to us, as he had won awards in this competition in ’08 and ’09 but missed last year.  So he spent all this summer traipsing around state fairs looking for just the right FF food item.  Deep Fried Pepsi is actually sweet doughnut holes but the batter is made with Pepsi instead of water.  They are deep fried and drizzled with Pepsi concentrate (syrup) and powdered sugar.   We all admitted that Dave and Highland Baseball hit a home run here.  It’s a good desert to split if you just need a bite of something sweet.  We awarded it Monday’s  Booth of the Day”. 

4 – Fraternal Order of Police – Cop n Donut.   A sausage link cooked and placed inside a Long John donut (with chocolate frosting) dipped in maple syrup.   Sounds weird, tastes great.  The firefighters have some competition with this one.  (Booth 26, coming up).

5 – Daughters of the Nile – Brain Sandwich.  I saw Stephanie Martinez, morning news anchor at Local 7 TV on Monday night.  She just moved to Evansville from Texas in March and she was gearing herself up for her first brain sandwich ever. I do not know how it turned out for her.   The line on Monday was VERY long, and Mike (our brain expert) thinks this is a great sandwich.   I ate one 4 years ago, it’s not my thing so I’ll leave the reviews to Mike.

6 – Holy Redeemer – Smoke Turkey Leg.  I’ve always been wary of these, as they are so big and look like they might be a little tough.  Lori and Rosemary let us taste it (pulled bites off with a fork for us) and I’ve been converted.  Juicy, great smoked taste, just be REALLY hungry (or have share partners) if you order one.

7 – Salvation Army – Deep Fried Chicken Livers.  Disclaimer:  I am on the advisory board for the Salvation Army and will be working that booth Thursday.  Also, I really like chicken livers.  Eat here, we need your money.

8 – Eagle View Church – Cinnamon Rolls.    Great rolls, wish they had Starbucks to go along.

9 – Perry Heights School – Hawaiian Burger (and extra points for the Strawberry Slushie).  If I remember correctly this is where Carla and Casey caught up to us.  Susie, Daphne and Jewel were working hard selling a unique burger with brown sugar, pineapple and cheese.  If you like a little sweet taste with your burger, this is the place to go.

10 – Delta Chi Sigma – Texas Tenderloin.  There are a lot of tenderloin choices on the street at the Fest, but this is one of the best.  Carla liked the peppers on it, Darrin thought it wasn’t too “bready” (you know how some tenderloins are all breading and no loin, this one was good.)

11 – Nutty Bar – Commercial booth not eligible for competition

12 – Youth Service Bureau – Corn Dog.  Our first corn dog of the fest.  Very good homemade corn breading.

13 – Unitarian Church – Bacon Brownie.  Another very unique new item, a brownie topped with crumbled bacon bits.  Great combination of sweet and a little salty.  Not the only bacon/chocolate combo but the best one I’ve had. 

14 – First Christian Church – Peanut Butter Fudge.  This candy got everyone excited.  While they have chocolate fudge too, the peanut butter fudge was to die for, acoring oto Casey who wanted sole possession of the sample.

15 – Hadi Funsters – BBQ Tenderloin.  Two think slices of grilled tenderloin drenched in great BBQ sauce.  A great sandwich if you are REALLY hungry and like BBQ.

16 – Potters Wheel – Deep Fried Klondike Bar.  Our next step into the exotic, this is a Klondike Ice Cream bar breaded and deep fried, with chocolate sauce.  Our group was torn on this one, some of us were a little turned off but Mike sure liked it.

17 – Substance Abuse Council

18 – Emmanuel Lutheran Church – Chicken and Dumpling.  My friend Leah works hard every year at this booth and they usually run out of Dumplings early in the afternoon each day.  Had these Monday when I was a little ill and they were great as always, the best chicken and dumplings on the street.

19- East Side Lions – Cake Balls.  Another new phenomenon, these are cake batter balls baked onto a stick and then iced.  Three flavors, a great sweet treat just be ready for the cake ball to fall off the stick after your first bite.