King (and Queens) of the Road

I’ve hooked up with American RV (US 41 & Baseline Road) to use one of their RVs on a Spring Break vacation next week.  This will represent a couple of firsts – it’s the first time we’ve taken a spring vacation and it’s the first time we’ve used an RV to camp. 


Please note that we’re pretty accomplished campers.  But we camp in a tent.  My wife, Lora, and I have camped all over North America, starting on our honeymoon to Glacier National Park over 25 years ago.  Our kids have camped with us all along, too, and love it.  An RVer’s reaction to tent camping seems to always be, “Oh, well, you’ll be comfortable since you don’t have to sleep in a tent.”  This assumes, of course, that we’re not comfortable in our tent (a North Face basecamp-style that’s kept us warm and dry in all sorts of weather).  But I see their point and I’m willing to embrace the open road in a recreational vehicle.  After taking a tour of some of the units on display at American RV, the innovations in RVs are jaw dropping and the prices are about half what I thought these units cost.  It’s already been an education.  Example?  Even with the spike in gas prices, according to our calculations, we’ll still spend a lot less than if we flew or drove and stayed in hotels.    


Where will we be going?  Stay tuned, we haven’t decided yet.  But one thing’s for sure – everybody is getting pretty excited about it!  We’ll keep you posted.