Jail Money

We’ve all watched prison movies where cigarettes are the currency of choice among inmates. Well, now that so many people have quit smoking, including inmates, cigarettes have lost their value as currency.
This morning on the WIKY Morning Show we discussed the new prison currency – Honey Buns.
That’s right Honey Buns - those generic, plastic-wrapped pastries that oddly sweat as they sit in vending machines, gas stations, and convenience stores. 
How do we know?  Here are true stories that have occured over the past year we found online:
--Female inmates in Maryland used Honey Buns to sweeten a wine they'd made by fermenting their orange juice.
--A death row inmate in North Carolina asked for his last meal, a sirloin steak, popcorn shrimp, and a Honey Bun.
--In Virginia, a man's lawyer saved him from the electric chair . . . so he paid the lawyer with the only currency he had, Honey Buns.
--In Florida, some prisoners would trade Honey Buns for people's Social Security numbers. They ended up committing more than $1 MILLION in tax fraud using the numbers they got.
--And finally, in both Michigan and Florida, inmates were killed by other inmates in disputes over stolen Honey Buns.
I'll never be able to eat a Honey Bun again without thinking of Morgan Freeman buying rock hammers or posters of Rita Hayworth or Raquel Welch at Shawshank.