I'm obsessed with Snooki

Okay, I will admit it.  I have never watched "Jersey Shore" the program on MTV that is the current rage.  (The Corner Bar on the West Side even has a "Jersey Shore" night.)  But I am obsessed with "Snooki" - I think her real name is Nicole something or other.  She has really become a larger than life celebrity and I am really impressed how she let David Letterman make fun of her to promote her book.   I think it would be fun to have her on as a guest on the Afternoon Show.

Today, I read something about Google Alerts.  This is a service I never knew about, where you can have Google search the web and report every day whatever anyone posts about you or any subject you choose.  The Associated Press had this story -

NEW YORK (AP) -- Post something bad about Snooki and she's going to hear about it. Snooki has Google Alerts on her phone, so whenever something's written about her, she gets notified. She reads everything to make sure no one's making up any stories about her. Snooki says she likes to read everything written about her ``negative and positive.'' Snooki is out with a novel called ``Shore Thing.''

By posting this blog, will she get wind of it?  Will she see this?  Snooki, if you're reading, call WIKY Radio -
812-424-8284.  I'd love to have you as a guest on my show.. and I promise NOT to make fun.