I Know Sammy LIved


On Sunday, March 11 the Lord called our beloved Sammy Young D’zolali Rene home to heaven. I had adopted Sammy from an orphanage in Ghana, West Africa two years ago, and he instantly became a part of our extended family and a huge part of our hearts. Sammy’s love and happiness were infectious, his broad smile would light up the room. All who met him were touched by his silly, fun personality and his unconditional love.

It's been a week since our Sammy left this world and flew to the next....shortly after his passing my best friend from childhood, Dee Dee called, unaware that Sammy was gone. She had just had a vivid dream where she heard my son calling "Mom, MOMMA MOM!!!" and when she asked him why he was yelling, he said "Look at me, I can fly!, tell my mom I'm flying!!!"  

There is an old song by gospel singer Larnel Harris called "I'll help you cry" that I've played on the show at least 1,000 times over the years for people who are grieving....and now I find myself in that space where everything is just numb...but in the midst of my pain I have amazing friends who, like the song says, are helping me to cry, mourn, ache and try to find solace in the loving arms of my God. My girlfriend Debbie, who lost her son Brian many years ago, called this morning, realizing that I'm not sleeping, and talked me thru some of the crazy thoughts I'm thinking. She, along with my other dear friends and family, are God's love displayed on earth.

Standing at the kitchen sink late last night, washing dishes, I thought I heard Sammy's footsteps behind me, I turned to greet him, then realized he would not be sneaking up behind me to suprise me with his gangly hug again in this lifetime, and I fell to pieces.

NOTE: This entry was compiled from comments made by Delilah in the days following Sammy's death. To leave a message or expression of love, please visit Delilah's Facebook page directly at http://facebook.com/Delilah or read her thoughts about Sammy's life on her Point Hope site at. http://pointhope.org/what-you-can-do/in-memory-of-sammy-young-dzolali-rene/