I Hate Autumn

I hate Autumn and by that I mean, I love Autumn.  It's the most pleasant weather of the year.  But the days after Halloween, plunging headlong toward the big Fall and Winter holidays, grow shorter and shorter and become a constant deadline on squeezing in a few more warm season activities before we're locked inside for the Winter with the kids.

In the Spring and Summer, each opportunity to go fishing or golfing or camping can be easily dismissed when chores get in the way.  If cutting the grass, for example, prevents you from fishing today, no worries, there are abundant make-good days.  But in Autumn, a nice day spent raking leaves or chopping firewood is another precious day lost before Old Man Winter shuts us down.  I hate Autumn because Spring is, what, at least a couple of hundred months away?

At least no one is complaining about the heat anymore.