Have a Happy!

The night before Thanksgiving is the second biggest bar night of the year. It’s also the biggest pizza delivery night of the year. It’s all gearing up for the big get together tomorrow with friends and family.
I’d like to take a moment and give thanks to you for listening to and being a part of the WIKY Morning Show. We work hard at bringing you an easy to listen to and fun morning show every day of the year. Thanks so much for allowing us into your home and for letting us ride along with you to school and work. As McDonald’s said years ago, we do it all for you!
By the way, Monday morning, a major announcement on the WIKY Morning Show – it’s all about the return of Santa to the Tri-state but it’s not what you might be thinking. Make sure you’re listening to WIKY Monday morning for all the details. You’ll love it!
Have a safe and happy long holiday weekend!