Gender stereotypes are alive and well.

Check this out!  The peeps at UCLA recently finished a 3 year study testing men and women's stress levels around the house. (I'm not sure who thinks these things up, but I digress.) Anyway, they monitered people's brain chemicals to see exactly what stressed people out and what chilled them.

According to the results . . . women's stress levels are lowest when they team up with their husband to tackle the work around the house. For men, it's the opposite. Their stress level is the lowest when they're kicking back and relaxing while their wives do everything.

The researchers say it happens because women almost look at joint housework as a "social occasion".  They're used to doing housework alone, so it's actually kind of refreshing when they have someone else involved.

For men, it's different.  When they see their wives doing housework, they actually feel like she's busy, which gives them time to relax. (And perhaps clean out that man cave while they're at it!).

All this leads me to ask this one important question.....if women like to clean so much, how come there is a "Mr. Clean??"  Just sayin'......................