Gas Price Alerts

I told this story on the air today.  I saw the info below on a gas pump at Thortons.  Got a text early Wednesday and filled up.  By Thursday morning prices had gone up 20 cents a gallon.  WOW!   Here's the info from Thorton's web site on Gas Price Alerts.

Want insider information? Want to save Hundreds of $$$ per year? You’ve come to the right place. Get Thorntons Gas Price Alerts sent right to your mobile phone before gas prices go up in your market. Text messages will be sent out every time gas prices increase by more than .10 cents per gallon.   

There are three easy ways to sign up:

1. Text the words for your area to 313131. (Ex if you live in Louisville/Southern Indiana, you would text LOUGPA to 313131)

Evansville Indiana area Gas Price Alerts: