A Frightful Feast

As difficult as it will be to keep my kids contained at the dinner table on Halloween night, I want to make sure they eat something healthy before they tear into mounds of chocolates, caramels, bubble gum, lollipops, taffy, licorice, candy corn, toffee and, well, you get the idea. To accomplish such a task, I will have to get creative so I'm planning an enticing yet easy, frightful feast!

I will start by making spider-web soup. I'll add a chunk of mozzarella and one string cheese torn into strips to each warmed soup bowl. Then I'll ladle in my favorite tomato soup and watch the web spread and goo across the bowl. My kids crinkle their noses in disgusted delight when I leave a few melting string cheese strips hanging over the edge of the bowl and stick a plastic spider on the edge for a creepy effect.

I will serve the soup with mini sandwiches perfect for dipping or eating alone. The sandwiches made with fluffy white bread will come in three varieties: tuna, egg salad and BLT. Then I'll cut them into Halloween shapes by pressing a couple large cookie cutters into each sandwich and shedding the crust.

Then we will toast the occasion with our full glasses of milk sipped through orange crazy straws for that extra twist of fun. Until next year, have a safe and happy Halloween!