Embarassing DVDs in your collection.....admit it

This morning on the show we discussed those DVDs or VHS tapes that you may be embarassed to admit you own.  I had so many to choose from, but here are the two that made the cut (so to speak)!

1.  "Oscar" (1991) with Sylvester Stallone and Marisa Tomei.  This movie is one of Sly's only forays into comedy, and it didn't exactly light it up at the box office.  I admit to seeing this in the theatre and I really enjoyed it!  It also stars Don Ameche and Tim Curry.  Here's the synopsis from the back of the DVD!

"Stallone plays Chicago's #1 gangster, "Snaps" Provolone.  After promising his father that he'll quit his life of crime, Snaps realizes it's an offer he should have refused! As the mobster tries to quit the rackets, everybody gets into the act....friends, family--even the Feds! Snaps soon discovers going straight is the toughest job he's ever pulled! Critics from coast-to-coast praised this fun-filled, big-screen treat--you'll find it packed with laughs from beginning to end!"

This movie is pretty stupid, but it's one of those films that just tickes my funny bone, for some reason.  If you haven't watched it, give it a try.....you may just like it!

2.  "If Tomorrow Comes" (1986)  This is an extremely cheesy mid '80's mini series which starred Madolyn Smith, Tom Berenger and Liam Neeson (before he was famous)!  Based on the equally cheesy Sidney Sheldon novel, it's a big, lavish escapist fantasy!!  Here's the "extra cheesy" synopsis from the back of my VHS tape! (BTW, it is now available on DVD!!)

"She was in love, pregnant and engaged to marry into one of America's best families.  And then, with one phone call, she lost everything.  Her mother, her fiance, her innocence, her baby and her freedom. After 5 years of unjust imprisonment, Tracy emerges from prison a new woman. Cunning. Ruthless. Determined to survive. She would triumph. Tomorrow. If tomorrow comes...

She vows no man will ever hurt her again. But there is one man as formidable as she is. An alter ego who can compete with her in crime-and even, perhaps, conquer her. As their paths crisscross many times throughout their lives, they eventually become daredevil partners in an adventure that climaxes their criminal careers. And he may just win her love. Tomorrow. If tomorrow comes...

Cunning will bring her revenge. Brilliance will win her wealth. She is a chameleon, a many-faced beauty whose charm gets her most of what she wants...a criminal genius who steals the rest. She plays among the beautiful and wealthy in a skillful game that unfolds in some of the world's most fabled playgrounds. She is pursued but never captured. Until tomorrow. If tomorrow comes....."

318 minutes of escapist fantasy.....enjoy!!