Eating the Fall Festival

The 91st West SIde Nut Club Fall Festival takes place all next week on Evansville's West Side and again WIKY will be sampling every food booth on Franklin Street.  We assemble three teams of listener volunteers, one with Diane, one with Mark Evans, and my team, with each required to visit about 22 booths per day.  We hit the street Monday at 11 for about an hour or so and by Tuesday at 12:30, we've sampled all the booths.  We originally thought we could do it all in one day but come on, that would be inhuman.  We don't sample everything the booth has to offer.  We sample the one item the organization would most like us to talk about on WIKY.  Please bear that in mind when we visit your booth Monday or Tuesday.  What's your best selling item?  What's new in your booth this year?  What's an item that needs some publicity?  Over the years, we've made some food items wildly successful during the festival only because someone at the booth pointed out the item and we were able to spread the word.

Everyone loves their favorites at the Fall Festival.  Most go to the same booths year after year which is fine.  But with WIKY sampling every booth we can direct you to treats you might have missed otherwise.  Yeah, it's a tough job...See you on Franklin Street!