Early Rising

A cup of coffee on the patio a little past dawn Saturday morning, still up well before everyone else.  I remembered that I started doing it in high school – getting out of bed and ready before everyone else.  The reasons were obvious – a shower with guaranteed hot water, first crack at anything for breakfast (especially advantageous for pop tarts or Wheaties in short supply,) and maybe twenty minutes of the Three Stooges before the bus came.  Granted, it was a challenge beating my dad out of bed.  A lifetime in the Army had provided few opportunities for luxurious slumber.  Early in my radio life though I spent a number of years working nights and found greeting the dawn from that end of the clock isn’t the same as waking up to it.  Still, either way, I love the sunrise.  New day.  Endless possibilities.  Probably the most frequent question I get is what time I get up and into WIKY.  My alarm goes off at 4:03 (I like to say it’s because I have those 3 minutes coming to me) but I hit the snooze and get out of the rack at 4:15.  I’m in the WIKY studio by 5:20 (but in severe weather situations it’s much earlier).   I’ve been working morning radio for more than 25 years (7 and a half at WIKY) and stopped complaining about the hours years ago after talking to a guy who had to wake up at 1:30 to make into work on time.  He thought me so lucky to have a job where I could sleep in so late.  He was right.  I don’t mind a bit.